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The Daily Moan

A few things you need to know first:
The principal = Big Cheeze
A bitchy english teacher = KlÍr
The drama teacher = HyperMonkey
Biology teacher = Toady
A dumbass teacher = EE-aw

20 October 00:
Not a moan: It was our last ever school day today, and Open Day as well. Being the Grade 12's, there was a goodbye-saying breakfast planned for us, but we also had plans of our own for this day. We decided to all meet up at a friend's house before school (our breakfast was before school started for everyone else), and drink ourselves beyond all recognition and then go for our breakfast. So we all got pretty drunk, except for the 2 that drove the rest of us to school. I'm pretty sure the teachers noticed, because nobody could stomach to eat much :) We quickly finished eating, and decided to leave and go for a swim before school started for the rest of the school. We didn't ask anyone's permission, and just left. Sobered up while swimming, and got back in time for Open Day. Me and 3 others were going to spend the day in the science class and do experiments for people to admire so that they'd put their kids in our shitty school. One of us didn't like being so sober, and went into the chemicals cupboard and sniffed some chloroform :) It wasn't long before she was so gone we had to have her lie down in the back of the class and cover her with lab coats so nobody would notice. Later 2 of our other classmates came in and warned us that her mother was arriving! So we woke her up and she tried her best to look sober. "Hello mommy" she said to her mother when she came in, trying to look normal... but if you looked into those eyes, you see someone who isn't quite "there" ;-) All in all, a last day worth remembering :)

18 October 00:
This isn't actually a moan: we were planning on bunking the whole day tomorrow (my whole class), but it turned out some people were doing some important stuff and couldn't. So at the last minute we decided we're gonna bunk the double english period after break. We sneaked out and went to a friend's house just outta town. We were back just in time for the next class and only the 2 english teachers noticed we were gone. We even left em a little note saying we're bunking :)

16 October 00:
The bell rings in the mornings at about 7:10. Today I arrived at around 7:06, and a lot of my class was just hanging around waiting for the bell to ring, so I joined them. At 7:08 (yeah, I did look at my watch on all these occasions), Toady (we had biology first) came and crapped us out, saying that the bell had rung 7 minutes ago and that we should come to class. Hell, we weren't even there yet when the bell had apparently rung, and the school clock is obviously many minutes from the right time. Once in class, Toady again said annoyed "you people must come to class when the bell goes". No way I'm gonna set my watch so far out just so I can know when the school decides to make the bell ring, and they expect us to "synchronise" our watches with their clock. This might just be the beginning stages of time-travel :)

25 September 00:
Quite a few teachers have a major grudge against me now cause I refused to go to the matric farewell. It was a formal dinner shit, which isn't my style. At first I was gonna go, and I was planning to ask one guy in grade 10 to go with me, but Toady wanted to set me up with another guy in grade 11. So I told her not to worry cause I'm going with the grade 10 guy. Later that day she came back and told me she discussed it with the principal and they have decided I can't go with that guy cause he's "not ready" to go to a matric farewell. So I said to her, "fine, I'll go by myself then". I actually decided then and there I'm not going at all, but if I told them that they would have been moaning at me forever, so I left it until 2 days before the farewell, when they wanted the money. They got really pissed off with me, and one teacher was saying that "I owe it to them to go". I don't owe those shitheads anything. The only reason they were so desperate for me to go was that they needed 50 people for the place they were using, and if I didn't go, they were 49. So they were trying to make me feel as if I'm deserting them, as if they really care and want me there, but they still demanded the money from us. Go figure.

24 June 00:
It's holidays. What are holidays for? Not for schoolwork that's for sure. EE-aw is giving us stuff he wants us to do in the holidays and he expects it to be done. I'ts not the amount that bugs me, it's the thought that counts, and he thinks I'm gonna do HIS work in MY holiday. He's even gonna come to our house to check up to see how much I'm working on the crap. I wish we had an electric fence...

22 May 00:
Some of the new students in my school that hadn't yet signed the set of rules (referred to as the Code Of Crap from here on), well, in assembly we had a whole big ceremony thing where they and their parents signed it. The Big Cheeze couldn't resist to make a big promotional speech first, and she said a whole load of bullshit about how the first learners set up the Code, and how everyone had an input... of course what she DIDN'T say is that after the students finished setting it up, it went through the teachers and the Board, who changed things to suit them, and now the end product isn't what we chose it to be in the beginning (and a lot of us are pissed off about that). So anyways, what better a day than to (finally) do something with that damn petition... I gave it to the forum, we'll see what happens...

17 April 00:
Normally in the mornings when students arrive, the teachers have a CD player in the "entrance" playing classical music (which only THEY like). Usually if we put it off we get a few moans by some teachers saying we "can't appreciate good music". Today in assembly we were given a kinda presentation about respect. Later, at break someone was playing the Beastie Boys in the CD player, and KlÍr walked past and simply switched off the plug. It's not as if it could be able to bother her, becuase she was walking PAST it. She didn't even ask if anyone was listening to it before she switched it off, that's plain rude as far as i'm concerned. And they have the nerve to tell US to respect THEM.

20 March 00:
Today in assembly HyperMonkey was talking about how the TV and newspapers mislead people by publishing all the stories about what teens do wrong. He said that they're giving the impression that they're all bad like that. He said that he's very happy that most people in our school are very good people, and that there's only a very small percentage that isn't (those 4 that were suspended.) So basically what I think he was hinting at is that we're all fine, except those other 4 are the small percentage that "flopped". What right does he have to say they're flops? I know them well, they're some of the nicest people I know, yet just because they smoked marijuana, HyperMonkey is willing to view them as flops.

13 March 00:
Lots of important things happened today, but they belong more on the changing my school page. So go read it there :)

10 March 00:
Today 4 people got suspended for smoking marijuana. I guess I can't really MOAN, cause the teachers could have just thrown them out permanently. They could also have just ignored it, but then outside people would crap them out and gossip (small town). The only problem I have with it is the fact that the Big Cheeze and others got so angry. Sure, it's illegal. But WHY? It's quite sad that there are so many misunderstandings about marijuana. So many people think it's bad, but it's not. Sometime soon I'll add a long article on the site about it. I actually suggested to the Big Cheeze that I write something about the good side of marijuana for the school newspaper. She looked quite surprised when I told her there's nothing wrong with it.

16 February 00:
First of all, my art teacher used to be everyone's favourite teacher. She let us listen to music in class (just as long as it's not too loud), she would let kids who have off-periods come to the art class. Even people who didn't take art were always attracted to the class. Today one guy had a free period and came to the art class and she told him to go back and do some work. He said he would do the work here, and she said "No, you just want to come here and listen to music. You're not supposed to be here. There's a special place to do your work." It's a sad day when everyone's favourite teacher shows signs of becoming corrupt...

Also, on Valetine's day a group of people were asked by teachers to prepare a surprise for the school. It was supposed to be something funny. They decided to hand out condoms to everyone (as a joke. they even gave one to a teacher that came in and he laughed). Today EE-aw got pissed off at the condom joke and crapped out the people saying they give the school a bad name, it's a disgrace, it's a bad message, bla bla bla. Today in assembly all the teachers stood up and told us we "hurt their feelings", and we "are saying that 'doing it' is OK". We said nothing of the kind. We were asked to do something funny, and we did. The surprise the teachers asked those people to prepare, was for the STUDENTS, not the teachers. They didn't need to know. They didn't need to have anything to do with it. And now they say it hurt THEIR feelings.

9 February 00:
This isn't really a MOAN... this afternoon we had Art practical and were supposed to wear our school uniform, but everyone in the whole class decided 'NO'. So we didn't. It just goes to show, we CAN stick together against their crappy rules :)

2 February 00:
Yesterday there was a staff meeting, and I hear Big Cheeze wasn't there. KlÍr takes over when she's not there. Today we were informed that there's a new rule: if we have afternoon classes, we have to wear our school uniform. KlÍr announced that. I bet she made it up too. Nobody even thought to ASK us what we thought of it, and now everyone's angry and the school forum is gonna go talk to the teachers and try to get them to change it back.

20 January 00:
On the school camp: It was breakfast time, and we were all lined up at the sandwich table. There were 2 people in front of me when Toady mentioned which plate had what kind of sandwich on it. She said it very fast and it was hard to follow. I wanted egg. So it was my turn to take something. I was pretty sure she said egg was first, but I just wanted to make sure, so I asked nicely "These are the egg ones, right?" She replied "What does it look like to you?!" She started opening up the different kinds one by one and saying what they were, then she growled "Do you want me to show you the ham ones too?!"

18 January 00:
It's only the first day of school...
We were told that we're all going on a camp tomorrow, and we were given a list of stuff we gotta take with. KlÍr was going thru the list and explaining stuff. On the list there was written "NO RADIOS OR WALKMANS!", and when KlÍr got to that point someone asked "Why not?". She shouted "Because it says so on the piece of paper. Obey the rules." HyperMonkey repeated it (angrily) like he agreed fully.

It would have been fine if there was a good enough REASON for disallowing radios and walkmans, but to just give the rule and no reason at all isn't good enough for me.

And Big Cheeze was in one of her bad moods again. Since there's a lot of new kids in the school, she was going over the uniform rules. Normally that sort of thing is done NICELY for people who don't know. But no, she looked at us all with some sort of look of disgust, and shouted "If you're wearing a necklace, or armband, take it off NOW!". Necklaces and armbands used to be allowed...

26 November 99:
Rude teachers... they make me sick. Someone in my class asked someone else what the time was, and that guy got crapped out by KlÍr. KlÍr said "you're such an irritating child, just shut up and stop bothering me. Don't look at your watch, do your work."

24 November 99:
I wrote a maths exam today... the one with all the algebra crap in it. Anyway, before we started we got a chance to go over the work. Some people brought their discmans with and were listening to music. The Big Cheeze came in and took the earphones from my one friend and listened a bit, and said she doesn't think we can learn while listening to music like that (it was Bob Marley). So i said "Maybe you can't, but we can." I mean, she doesn't like that kind of music, and won't be able to concentrate with it playing, that's fine. But to say that nobody can concentrate while listening to it is plain stupid. I mean, I'm listening to Rage Against The Machine right now, does it look like I'm not able to concentrate? :) Tomorrow I'm taking my Rio with (which happens to be full of RATM music). I'd love to see the look on her face when she hears "take the power back" :)

Anyway, when I had just finished the exam, KlÍr took in my paper and started crapping me out about not using a ruler. She looked sooooo disappointed in me, as if not using a ruler ruined my whole exam. She has no idea that my maths teacher actually has nothing against not using a ruler.

Sometime before the exams... (don't know the date)

The Big Cheeze was talking about all the things she expects from us in the exams and that she wants all excellent results and all that kind of crap. She said that it's a serious offence not to get the results that are expected of us in the exam. She also said that in the history of the school there has never been a failure yet, and that she will not tolerate having a failure this year...... Failure? ..... Who's a failure??! There is no such thing. Just because somebody doesn't get high marks for something doesn't make them a failure. Just because they're not good at something does not make them a failure. They're good at other things. Nobody has any right to call anyone a failure. Nobody is a failure. Big Cheeze can moan on about her idea of failures, but I know some people who have "failed" a year or two, but can do many things Big Cheeze barely even understands. So she can go shove her little failure ideas up her ass.

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