[ This is the OLD version of School Survival, put up on display like something in a museum - all the links have been changed to point to their more current counterparts, all that's here is just the old index page. Yes I know the text is hard to read - but that's the way it was! ;) Also, back then my nick was AsphyxiA. ]

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All About School:
don't get brainwashed

you're not worthless

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how to effectively waste time
useless homework excuses
-but more seriously-
don't let school waste your time

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2 June 99:
Added a guestbook finally.... i can only hope it works :)  Added a message forum and.... a Chat Room!  See the links to the left  <---  ;-)

25 May 99:
Added a page of stuff about the school i'm at... it's a private school u see.   I also made a random quote thingy at the top left corner of the screen.

1 May 99:
Added a poll and a ICQ status indicator.  The poll question at the moment is "What do you think of your school".  Would be interesting to see what comes out there :)  If you want to suggest a question for the poll, email it here. Also moved the fade-in and name prompts to the "enter" page cause it was kinda annoying to have to wait for them every time i come back to the main page from somewhere :)  And... i added a Teacher Insult Generator!  Fill in some info about the teacher in question, and it throws out a few creative insults for them. :)

24 April 99:
This page was taking forever to load, and i finally managed to fix that without damaging anything... the background pic has a few less colours and i put my fade-in where it belongs in the code :) It was in the wrong place... wooops.

21 April 99:
Added Useless Homework Excuses. It's a collection of stuff you can say to teachers if you get caught with undone homework... only problem is, it's highly unlikely they'll believe you unless they have the IQ of a toad. :)

28 March 99:
Added a lot more stuff in the meantime.... i suppose i better upload this thing.... :) I lost my page counter's address, so i can't count visitors til i get a new one :( Anyway, go to my Teachers Suck page... such healthy reading :) And if you wanna know something more about me and my personality, go to About Me.

14 March 99:

Started building on the page. I'm planning to get lots of stuff, like Polls and forms and stuff, so if anyone out there knows where i can get something like that for free, let me know! OK, if anybody has suggestions for stuff i can add to this site please tell me, and if you really feel the need to have your opinion published here, you can email it to me. Even if i don't agree with you, i'll still put it up so people can see what others think, not just me  ;-)  In the future i  hope to have forms that can do that, but for now we do it the old-fashioned email way :) And since i've just started off, go vote for my page and be honest, if you hate it, say so!

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I'd like to thank everyone who unknowingly contributed to my page: Everyone whose Javascript code I copied, my biology teacher for showing me what a cell looks like so I could use it in the background of my page, Kurt Cobain for saying what he did about Vandalism so I could have it on my background pic, Rage Against The Machine for being inspirational, all my teachers for being the way they are so that I would want to make a web site about them, my friends for all their ideas, Metallica for writing The Unforgiven and The Unforgiven II, InternetTrash for hosting me, and myself for being the "irresponsible, ungrateful, spiteful" and angry bitch that I am.

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