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Self-Directed Education Sites List

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Sites are listed alphabetically. In the case of blogs, active blogs are on top, and blogs that haven't been updated a while are listed below them, but still in alphabetical order.


  • I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. - a blog by Idzie Desmarais, a grown Canadian unschooler who dropped out of school in kindergarten.
  • Brighter Than a Buoy - 2014 - a blog by grown unschooler and songwriter Carsie Blanton.
  • College Rebellion - 2015 - a website and blog by Jessica, a grown unschooler, who writes about uncolleging, travel, goal setting, finding employment, and similar interesting things.
  • Eli Gerzon's Worldschooler Blog - last update 2015 - Eli is a grown unschooler from Boston who blogs about unschooling,
  • worldschooling, and travel, as well as leading Worldschool Travel Tours.
  • Follow That Dream - 2014 - a blog by Elisha, a grown unschooler who blogs about a variety of subjects, including unschooling.

Unschooling Parents

Other Sites

This includes unschooling, SDE, and closely related sites.

  • Alliance for Self-Directed Education - The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to normalizing and legitimizing Self-Directed Education, to make it available to everyone who seeks it. Mainly focuses on the USA.
  • Alternatives To School - a site with information about various alternatives to forced schooling, including self-directed learning. Mainly focuses on the USA.
  • Education Revolution: Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) - a large hub of communications and support for a huge variety of educational alternatives around the world.
  • Freedom To Learn - a blog by Peter Gray, Ph.D. about the roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning.
  • Peer Unschooling Network - a site by Jim Flannery. The Peer Unschooling Network aims to make unschooling more accessible, connect unschooled teens, and create a community where unschooling is understood and accepted.

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