"If you don't have a plan for yourself, you'll be part of someone else's"

Accusation of a righteous

by Unknown (Manuscript found in a bottle)

Long ago in a land far away from here all people had butter upon their heads and everybody thought it was normal. There were people with creamery butter, spiced butter, semi butter and an innumerable other butter blends upon their heads but everybody only thought his own butter was the right. About that they quarrelled, fought out wars and charged each other with heresy with many sharp witted arguments.

It was strange that all children being born there didn't have anything at all upon their little heads and yet all those Butterheads thought that was beautiful. Perhaps it did remind them of their own childhood, their lost children's paradise they secretly longed for sometimes and yet they dreamed of a child that would grow up to a worthy and adapted member of the Butterheads. For that purpose they soon started applying themselves to fit the child's head with a suitable layer of butter.

But once in that land there was an inhabitant who was not happy. He had thought much and long about his discomfort and finally arrived at the conclusion it all owed by his buttered head undoubtedly. The only sensible solution he suggested was to part with his butter burden. His fellow countrymen warned him: don't do so risky, adapt yourself, do normally, without butter you are nothing. He was resolutely and persevered. And look: the more he freed himself from his butter the more it dawned upon him but the more lonesome became his struggle. Until one day, at despair's door, as by magic the last small remnant disappeared. Nowadays it is said the scales fell from his eyes. At that time he just really realised the craziness of the world he lived in and the strange way his fellow countrymen behaved. He tried to talk about it. They laughed at him or got angry. To be not conspicuous he did put butter upon his head again and played the game but life of an unbuttered amidst butterheads is no picnic. The thing that went to his heart at most were the children in whom he recognised so a lot and everywhere around him he saw them decaying unto butterheads. He became cautious as a snake and harmless as a dove and finally he wrote this short manual about the way to become from a butterhead man again.

To the Children

You didn't ask to be born in this crazy driven world of the grown-ups. Ever the world didn't look like this. To you the grown ups made a mess to the earth and to life. Quite long ago, before people got strange ideas in their heads, the earth was beautiful. It was a paradise to live in. For everybody there was enough to eat. There was no quarrel and no war. Everything belonged to everybody. Nobody had to work for everybody all the time was at liberty. Children didn't have to go to school for you don't need learn to live. Everybody went to rest or sleep when he was tired and ate when he was hungry. There was no need else. Every day was a holiday People didn't live in houses, there were no cities and factories and offices. Everybody was happy and contented. People made a shelter for the night and went to sleep when the sun went down. When the sun rose again they awaked and they walked along. Never anybody was ill for contented a happy people don't fall ill. Children didn't have to eat healthy for that is nonsense. Happy children can eat what they want to without falling ill. Nobody ever had heard about catching a cold, vitamins and brushing teeth. Yet nobody ever had a cold and nobody ever had a toothache. So people lived quite different from you think it's normal. They also didn't wear clothes for nobody was ashamed for an other and everybody looked beautiful by himself. Nobody had to beautify himself for everybody was contented with himself. People loved themselves and each other with an implicit and disinterested love. People had no names and also didn't talk for they didn't need that. People only need to talk if they don't agree and if they want somewhat from an other. In that time everybody was at one with each other and nobody desired from an other anything. Everybody was equally to an other. There were neither superiors nor inferiors. Parents didn't educate their children but they only were present and looked while their children grew up. Everybody knew how to live happily. Parents never became angry with their children for they wanted nothing from them to do. There was nobody who knew better. Writing and reading nobody did for that's necessarily for living not at all. Moreover nobody had an opinion and so nobody had to think. Earth was without roads, without trains and cars. There were neither planes nor ships. Nobody ever was in a hurry. Never happened accidents for happy people never meet unpleasant things. People didn't think about past or future. Everybody only was being. Every day was a new day again and people only enjoyed each other and the beautiful earth they got to live upon. Earth was covered with forests, all rivers were so clean they could drink the water and everywhere fruit trees and edible plants grew. Animals belonged to the scenery people enjoyed. At that time nobody thought you can slaughter and eat animals or you can tame and use them. Nobody took that in his head and nobody needed that. That animals could be wild or dangerous nobody thought about. People roamed about the earth. They followed the seasons like nowadays the birds of passage still do. No frontiers stopped them for there were no frontiers and with all people they met on their way they got on well. There were no languages for you can read off the outer side of people everything. Fright and sorrow were things they weren't acquainted with. Children never cried. There was no money and nobody somewhat owned to himself. People didn't possess anything, they merely were. Sometimes somebody made a mistake but then he didn't feel nice or got pain and then he knew he shouldn't do that again. Those help people got to effect them staying happily. People didn't think they just felt and enjoyed

Like that the earth was in the original times. The way earth nowadays is people made themselves. This never has been the intention. Grown ups are so stupid and short seeing. Very long ago it went wrong to the people. When they didn't feel happy they blamed the other people or the circumstances. The one started to master the other. They needed words to control each other. Leaders came and followers followed them. Leaders devised all sort of things and the common herd had confidence in them. The one rose above the other. They lost their way and priests came who invented gods. They in future knew what was good and evil to people. They pretended to know the meaning of their gods. People did understand themselves and the world no more. They became afraid of each other and the world around them. They believed in chance or their fate when they became ill. They dared roaming about the earth no more and locked up themselves in their houses and villages. They lost their contact with themselves and with nature. Their life became artificial. Quarrels came and wars brook out. People stopped to listen to themselves but listened to their leaders. People fell ill and accidents happened. Medicine men came who thought out all sorts of explanations and medicines. Masters and servants came. Tasks were divided and everybody became dependent on other men. People began to feel ashamed to each other and for this reason people wear clothes. They started to produce food, taming animals and slaughtering them. Nobody still knew what was freedom and happiness. Generations came and faded away. People all along were further of than when they started. That is the way they expelled themselves from paradise and at this way comes into being a civilisation like the grown ups name it. And that's wherein you have to live at present and they teached you it is normal. People that are not like them they call primitive or under-developed. To them you are that too and that's the reason they do their best to instil to you their way of living. You can see yourselves what the grown ups have brought about to the earth. In their greed and egoism they destroy nature. They talk complicated and their stories don't fit. They want you to become like them and therefore they educate you. They become angry with you and they punish and reward you for you have to become adapted to their world. If you don't listen they become angrier and punish still more hardly. You cannot fly from them for you are dependent on them. They take advantage of that. It is not allowed to you to stay the way you are because you have to become civilised and full-grown people. They even expect you are grateful to them for that for they all do it for your own good. They poison you with their opinions and convictions. They state to you what is good and evil. They make you ill and tell you you have to eat healthy. You have to go to school for you have to become a small cogwheel in their society. They fill your heads with their strange thoughts. You become ill by that but they bring you to the doctor so they can continue to change you unhindered. They saddle you with their own frights and uncertainties. They teach you what is nice and what is fine. They do pleasant things together with you for life itself is pleasant no more. They try to make life companionable to make the strange life they live endurable. They make you presents to rope you in. You have no choice. They can make and break you. If they cannot do the one thing they do the other. Slow but surely you become like them and again a generation is spoiled. Don't blame them for they don't know what they do. The grown ups turned the world topsy turvy. They all turned round. While you are an example to the grown ups they think they have to be an example to you. Don't take them seriously. Play their game but never become like they are. You have so little to lose and they so much. Let them chatter and don't trust them. There is no one who does well. They are not honest and never say what they think. It's such chaos in their heads they even don't know what they think themselves. They neither understand themselves nor the world and yet they tell you how to live. They all are mentally disarranged by their complicated and strange thoughts. They have made life complicated for themselves and for you. They sooner they want to die than admit to you their mistakes. Just leave them.

To all people

The earth moans under your unrighteousness and egoism. In your crazy driven world rules the law of the strongest and knowledge is power. You think you can enrich yourselves over the backs of others unpunished. You punish yourselves and don't know how. You go west yourselves and crush others and you don't know why.

Born in imprisonment you don't know what is freedom. In your children you only can still see a gleam of open-minded people. You are the builders of your own prison. You got an unbounded earth to live upon. You divided the earth. Races, peoples and nations are your own chimeras. There only are people who think they are somewhat different than men. You have many masks. Locked up you live within your frontiers, within your own rules and laws and within your convictions and opinions. Your laws and requirements have nothing to do with life but they are your own devises. You don't do justice but maintain injustice. You are bowed down by the burden of your civilisation. It's a horror culture did to your bodies. With your clothes you conceal your deformities. Spasmodically and by hook and by crook you uphold the show. Your bodies betray your falsehood. In your shackles you feel free and happy and you even believe in it. You neither know what is freedom nor what is happiness. You don't live. You suffer from life, you survive and you kill the time. In the sweat of your faces you work. I tell you work is for the fools. You made a world wherein you only keep each other at work. You all are in the same box. You constructed it yourselves. It floats along without sense or goal. You keep sweet each other with bread and games. With your arts you patch up your box. It is your prison wherein you fight for freedom. Desperately you remonstrate with each other you are so well off. You are the slaves of the work of your hand and heads. You teach each other what is nice and pleasant. Together you state what is normal. You get used to everything. Always you are busy to become more rich, better and more successful than the other. You behave like herd animals. You fight for your frontiers and divert them. Never you are ready. You collect opinions and possession. Never you are contented. Always tense and contorted you have to relax. Never you say what you think. You name this civilised. Quarrels in little wars in a large scale. You all have dirty hands. You develop your children and other undeveloped and you don't see you envelop them. They hold up a mirror to you. You only see yourself. You did spread yourselves and your delusions all over the world like a pestilence. Everybody is infected by them. Everywhere the one wields power upon an other. Parents upon children, men upon women, women upon men, masters upon servants, men in power upon peoples. You are not wiser. The one is dependent on the other. You name it freedom. You toil and moil and achieve. You are the slave drivers of yourselves and each other. You have no time to live. Your life is a way to Calvary, your world a valley of tears. You meet with disasters and accidents and you don't understand. It holds no lessons for you. Your heads are filled with contrarieties. Your filled heads never leave you in peace. Even in your sleep it keeps running in your heads. Mutilated by your past you make plans for the future. History repeats itself everytime. Never you learn somewhat from your past. You put confidence in your knowledge. You are not wise. Your opinions are prejudices. You are proud of them. With your opinions you give your verdict on others. You fight each other for your own right only. Nobody is right. Your life is one big humiliating mistake. There are no more men. There merely are actors in a stageplay neither even written nor produced by themselves. One big masquerade. You call it life. You got the earth as a theatre to enjoy the everlasting play of whole creation. You ruin the scene and play your own man made game. You fight for the freedom of speech. Shameless you ventilate your prejudices. You invented your languages to wield power over each other and the things. It is an awkward tool by which you play your game. You are talking your whole life and is it sheer rot. It merely tells about your adventures in your prison, about your incomprehended past and your plans and dreams about the future and you even write it down. You are talking masks. People who agree with themselves don't think. People who agree with each other don't talk. Happy people don't write. Never you say what you think. Your bodies betray you. You talk with split tongues. If everybody would say what he thought your play soon would come to an end.

Civilisations come and civilisations go. Never before mankind lost its way so far. Your diseased families are the building stones of an ill society. You live in a state of war with yourselves and with each other. Your hospitals are filled with the victims of those wars. You all bear the scars of the struggle for life. You think that belongs to life. It belongs to your way of life. Your life is one big farce. You are afraid of death for you never did live. You gave away the responsibility for your own lifes. You have confidence in your leaders and other know betters. Will-less followers you are in their hands. He who doesn't believe their idle stories about progress is a pessimist. They don't believe in themselves but in their opinions. They rob Peter to pay Paul. How can you guide your children in your absurd society? How can you justify to your children about what you did to the earth? You have got an earth to dwell in. You destroy creation. You practise predatory cultivation to it. Driven by your greed you loot the earth. You amass possession and cling to it. The wealthy enrich themselves while the poor pauperise. You feast while elsewhere your fellow-men croak. You make filthy the surface of the earth with the works of your godforgotten hands. You got food in plenty. The fruits and crops were food to you. It wasn't enough to you. You massacre the animals. Blood flows everywhere. They belonged to the scene you got. Everywhere you disturbed the balance in nature. Disasters you call down upon you and you don't understand. Your world is your own creation. You turned the world upside down. In the original world everything was different. What was foolish in that time is brainy to you. What was poor is rich to you. You think you are somebody for you possess a character, convictions and possessions. They told you that as a child you were nothing. You had to become somebody. You saddled yourselves with useless luggage. It is your fright to be nobody again without luggage. Those who advocate getting rid of your luggage you name nihilists, anarchists, culture barbarians and unpractical fools. Everything so many times is said. You never did listen. You are hearing deaf and seeing blind.

You are doomed to be happy. With might and main you offer resistance. Turn your wicked way. Give up your opinions, prejudices, convictions and self-conceit. Get rid of all your possessions and attainments and of all the work of your hands and heads. Remove your masks. Clean the earth from all traces of your humiliating works. See through and comprehend your past as a chain of mistakes. Become like the children again and start to live at last. It is all or nothing. And if you are not disposed to do that don't complain if you fall ill or suffer and are in grief. Do know you are responsible to it yourself. Never say you didn't know it. You always have known it. .

To the parents and all other educators

To you the children are entrusted. You betrayed this confidence. You rumple your children like you are rumpled generation upon generation. With reward and punishment you led them into your sick world of grown-ups. You name it education. They have to pass under the yoke of your rules and laws. You name it development. They have no nature for they have to get a character you think. Their character is your product. You damage and deform them. You do that for their own good you say. You fill their heads with your opinions and prejudices. They have to become playfellows later in the absurd play you name life. Still they are nothing and have to become something. They have to become hard-boiled to be able to survive in your uncharitable world. By rewarding and punishing you force them in your harness. They have to adapt. You state the rules of the game like your parents did it to you. They knew what was good to you. You know what is good to your children. They didn't ask to be born in this crazy world. You wanted them coming in the world in your prison. You mould them in your own image. You saddle them with you luggage. With your frights and insecurities, with your belief in authorities, with your pain and sorrow, with your shame and your constraints. You teach what is normal and nice and pleasant and desirable. You civilise and develop them. You send them to school for they have to become somebody a will-less cogwheel in this society. They have to fill their heads with the same contrarieties that turn and toss in your minds. They have to become fellow travellers in your world. Education is training like animals are trained and domesticated. You are the trained who pass their tricks. You rob them of their innocence and open-mindedness. Your children have no choice. They have to be obedient to your rules and laws like you did learn to be obedient to your superiors. Rebelliousness is suppressed, meekness awarded. By that and nothing else your children fall ill. With them you go to the doctor and so it holds no lessons for you. You render them unhappy for you are not happy yourselves. You are strangers to them like you are strangers to yourselves. They don't understand you and your world for you neither understand yourselves nor your world. Yet they have to obey you. They ask why and you have no answer. You have no answer for you didn't seek for yourselves. You didn't seek for your leaders told you there is no answer. You expect so much of them and they have to do so much. They have to come up to your expectations. You are proud of them if they achieve, disappointed and angry if they don't. You threaten and warn. They are afraid of you. They decay on your hands. Like tabulae rasae they come in this world. You write them full with your strange ideas. You get children and produce characters. All they learn from you they have to unlearn to be happy.

To the divines and spiritual leaders

You speak about that you cannot speak about. You guide your believers without knowing either way or goal. Your Holy Books merely are work of people with disturbed minds. What a craziness to think you first had to invent language and writing to know how to live. The real manual to live you lost and you wrote your own manual. You got a conscience but you don't listen to yourselves. In your Holy Books you read what is good and what is evil. You take your fables and fairy tales literally. You mapped out the rules of the bizarre stage-play you name life yourselves. You got a virgin earth, an earthly paradise. You created your own hell onto it. Your are blind men who guide blind men. To your own glory you built your churches and temples. Nobody asked you for that. Your frights and insecurities make you pray and it's a pity your gods never answer. He who listens to himself knows the way to live happily. You created a god in your own image. Deteriorated people with a deteriorated god. To him you send up your prayers. Him you serve in your worships. Never that god of yours has sent neither his son nor prophets. They who pass for that have heard something about it but had no real knowledge of the matter. In essence you all are perfect men but like trained domestic animals you live a life according your own laws. Never a messiah was sent and never there will come a messiah. You all merely would want to hear your own right. He only would tell you all of you really know and don't want to know and you would kill him. You made mayhem to the earth. From that mayhem you pray to your own god and beseech him for help. You have only to blame yourselves for all misery. In your worships for that god of yours you perform your rituals. It's one big puppet show. In the name of your god you wage your wars and brand each other as heretics. You think you have the truth on lease. It are your own thoughts only. The ways of nature aren't inscrutable. He who knows himself understands nature. For only the equal is understood by the equal. Your believers rely on you and your interpretation of those holy books. You adapt your interpretation to time. You are believers yourselves for you don't know. You are no leaders but deceivers. With the book in your hand you wander aimless and look after the churchgoers. You always did bar the way out of your hell to your people. Those who threatened to escape you killed as heretics or you gagged them. Their words you twisted and you adapted them to your own interests. You always did yield to your vanity and self-interest. Your holiness is sanctimoniousness. Your saints are hypocrites. Your religions are founded on fright. You live on that. You caricatured God like you did to yourselves. You threaten and punish like you think your god does. Guilt and penalty are your inventions. You made a quest to life. You never did find. You disagree with each other and with yourselves. Your wrong track has many branch roads. They all come to a dead end. You preach love of one's neighbour and you don't love yourselves. You think man is prone to evil. You only judge them by your own proneness. The way in and to hell is paved with your good intentions. You try to bridge over the cleft between your world and the world as it has to be. You maintain the cleft by that. For your works and idle stories there is no place in a righteous world.

To the scientists

You are the inventors and constructors of the coulisses between which people play their stageplay. The ever virgin earth you changed and made filthy with your makes. You have lost your way but you crow about progress. You think you can better nature. You opened Pandora's box. All catastrophes you bring on to mankind you try to restrain and to explain with your thought outs. With your by theories clouded looks you try to fathom nature. From the past you construct future. You explain everything and understand nothing. You continue inventing and all the time life only becomes more complicated. You construct the arms. People defend their possessions and convictions with that. You construct the tools and the machines. People become dependent of them. You promise power to people. The toll they pay is slavery and impotence. With every step you make you think you come closer to the solution. He who is most clever gets an award. You state what is true. You are short seeing. With blinkered eyes you devote your attention to problems without overlooking the whole. In your self-created confusion of tongues you fight for your own right. You thought out your bizarre society yourselves. Your world of superiors and inferiors, of leaders and followers an of know betters and credulous. You did it yourselves. Your own self-made laws and rules created the prison wherein people have to live. By every invention and every new theory mankind is worse off. You are not the solvers of problems but the originators and maintainers. You are the creators of new problems and a problem yourselves. You made life complicated yourselves. Simple life only is simple. All you invented and thought out life made more complicated only. You stay inventing to simplify your complicated way of living. You attain the contrary. You create new needs by your inventions. Never contented with themselves. Never contented with the world. Mankind is your helpless victim. You contaminate everyone with your erroneous ideas. With your own theories you prove what is true. All the time it has to become bigger and faster. Requirements and values change and you scientifically fortify them. To everything you have your explanation. You shift frontiers and the end is nowhere to be found. In your universities, those ramparts of foolishness and short sightedness, you poison your disciples with your delusions. They presently have to embroider on your mistakes with your tools. You created your own reality and truth. It has nothing to do with reality. In your science, pretended devoid of value judgements, you look through your scientific glasses and you see your own truth. Everybody can see the way originality of earth and nature are destroyed and abused by degenerated beings. They are possessed by fallacies and greed. You are the planners without a vision. You got a perfect house to dwell. Brick by brick you demolish it and you built an own uninhabitable structure quarrelling. Your hypotheses are the foundation. In your structure people don't live but they fight a struggle for life. Also for that you have your theories. Generation upon generation you think out solutions for the problems you incur yourselves. Never you are ready. You allay your credulous followers with your talks. More academics and more research and everything will come right. In this way it never becomes right. It's all vanity and self-deceit. You tell there is no way back. There is a way back. Don't tell these words are not scientific. Life isn't scientific and it is too big for your theories. Only within your thinking measuring is knowing. Clear the earth of your structures. Empty your heads of all knowledge. Turn back the film in a quickened pace. The end will be as the beginning. All knowledge you used to make your own hell you can use to get revive the original paradise. It has gone on long enough.

To the doctors and alternative healers

In all revolutions and wars you and your practices are kept out of harm's way. You offered your services to offenders and victims. You hear, see and keep silent. You have no judgement. Your works always have been amoral. You have in common with each other that you want to cure in an ill world ill people without concerning about the world. You maintain the ill world ill. Without you never things had gone so far.

Doubtless you have the best intentions Full of pity you devote your attention to the grief of your fellow man. All of your efforts are based on a mistake. You thought out your theories yourselves. Along centuries your knowledge is the fruit of the errors of your predecessors. So your science did expand and became more complicated again and again. Your works have nothing to do with life. Yet you think you are on the right way. Alas. He who ever took the wrong way will stay wandering. If the foundation isn't valid the building isn't valid. Your are the believers of your own thoughts. The ills are your believers. All of your solutions evoke new questions, You try to fathom life but you don't know yourselves. With your theories you think out explanations to the complaints of your patients come to you with. They believe in you. They exchanged the belief in themselves for your wild stories. The doctor knows what is good and bad for them. The doctor knows the way they have to live healthy. They tell you what thy think you want to hear. You taught them they fall ill straight away. You thought out their sophisms and excuses: reduced resistance and predisposition and your genetics. The patient didn't comply with your conceptions of good and bad. Never someone is responsible for his complaint himself. People want to be deceived. You are the deceivers and you deceive yourselves. You are the new high priests of mankind. Will-less people surrender themselves to you and your thought outs. From you they expect their salvation. Never a person became a better man by your meddlings. You only fight symptoms and don't know of what. You cut away evil. With chemicals you eradicate evil. You irradiate evil. You damage and mutilate. You explain everything and understand nothing. Life can be so easily but you made complicated yourselves. Sooner or later you will perish yourselves to your own mistake. You don't cure but you only prolong sufferings. You always have been the maintainers of civilisations and you provide life can become more and more decadent. You block the way to a righteous world.

Nobody has wanted man would turn away from his nature. You thought out civilisation yourselves. It never has been the intention man would be somewhat else than a man. Opinions and convictions, theories and knowledge caricaturise man as he is meant. Laboured under the yoke of civilisation people pass their lifes. Illness isn't meant as punishment. That your spiritual leaders proclaim. Every illness and every symptom is a warning to man who denies his nature. Illnesses have no cause but they have a meaning. All illnesses are illnesses of civilisation. People are doomed to live happily and free. You hinder that. Like blind ones you persist in the once token course and tell there is no way back. Frenzied you are looking for solutions civilised life carries with it. All illnesses refer man to his nature. You hinder the way back. You state man has no nature. With your thought outs you veiled that connection. You are blind leaders guiding the blind. Everybody devotes his attention to his own speciality. Nobody overlooks the whole and the whole is more than the sum of the parts. You swear to people you are on the right way. You have almost found the solution. They have to keep patience. In contrary to their better knowledge they believe in your promises. You are slow of understanding and in the wrong doctrine. You have heard something about it but you don't have real knowledge of the matter. Your knowing is only valid in your own thinking. You ascended high in society and the higher up the greater the fall. You always knew there was a cleft between your theories and practice. You salved your conscience and your doubts and became victims of your vanity. You bartered away your common sense to your knowledge. Belief in the authority of your masters misled you and you got further of than when you began. With your false connections you sow frights and confusion and you enrich yourselves by that. Together with your patients you are in the same box out of control. You don't realise. By your stories you hinder people to leave the box and to live. You have no notion of life and health but pretend to fight for it. What you tell is nonsense, pride and vanity. Man is made perfect in a perfect nature. Only one condition was made. Man would live like a man. Happy, without illnesses and pains, without frights and sorrow. You think misery belongs to life. You are mistaken. You are no leaders but deceivers. All the time you lead people in the swamp farther with your overheating thoughts. In their ignorance they are even grateful to your help. They placed you on the throne. You took a seat on the throne yourselves. There are no somatic and psychical illnesses. There are only ill people with their heads filled with convictions, prejudices and self-conceit. Filled with anger and frights, concerns and desires, conceit and self-conceit, dishonesty and past and future. By that only people fall ill. All affections emanate from thinking. Their bodies unsettled by their emotions are an ideal culture medium for disease germs. You find the result and think it is the cause. You eliminate the symptoms. Their heads remain as filled as before. You mob while the tap is open. You are the sorcerer's apprentices who misunderstood the incantation of the Master. You hinder people to change their lifes and turn on their wicked way. You take away from them their own responsibility for their own lifes. You speak about decreased resistance, stress, wrong food, chance, coincidence, the weather, predisposition, smoking, genetics and circumstances. To you always evil comes from outside. But evil never comes from outside. Disturbed minds in disturbed people. Ill minds in ill people. Everybody is ill. What you name healthy and sane people merely are symptomless ill ones. Shameless ill people talk about their complaints. With you they earn understanding and pity. You maintain characters and deviations. You effect they are passed generation upon generation. Nobody escapes from you. Sooner or later everybody comes to you until death follows. In an ill world fit no healthy people. In a civilisation fit no natural people. You condemn people unto chronic ills because you don't understand the meaning of the symptoms. By you they have to live with their complaints. Like false prophets you pronounce your sentences of death on them and name them incurable. From their paste you predict their future. You calculate their chances and express life in digits. You help them from the frying pan in the fire. Along centuries your blinding, your vanity and your pride are rampant. The ill ones cannot hold blameless. You provide them their alibis so they can go on the same way. Sooner they would die than they would admit they are wrong or would give up their convictions and opinions. By your and their self-conceit people fall ill and maintain their illnesses. Children grow up in ill mothers in ill families in an ill society. That produces ill children. You don't see that. You have your own thought outs about that. To you never educators are responsible for the illness of their child. All parents always are responsible for that and together whole mankind is responsible for every child's tear, for every child's fright and for every ill child. All people are responsible for this crazy society for they all build and maintain this hell. Everybody is a cogwheel in this huge machinery and that only can go on if every cogwheel turns for the benefit of the machinery. Nobody knows what he does. Children are the symptom bearers of the filled heads of their parents and all people are jointly responsible for that filling. The children are the only real victims in this world. You could have known it. You provide this ill game can be continued. Ever ill ones were named sinners. It's merely a different word.

Written by: Unknown (Manuscript found in a bottle)
11 October 2003

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