"As we all know the bible states to obey our parents, but the bible also states for the parents not to provoke the child to disobedience."

April Fool's Joke


I am going to take this site down soon. I would like to thank you all for your support over the last 4 years, but I'm afraid I just can't keep running a site I don't believe in anymore.

Why have I changed my mind? Well, I'm finished with school now. I'm now in college, and even though I used absolutely nothing of the stuff I learned in my school curriculum in order to qualify for college, I have come to realise that school is however a very important part of anyone's life. By leaving this site online, I am doing nothing but help young people to deprive themselves of their own future. I just don't believe that is right. If there's any way you are going to get along in this world and society, you have to pay attention in school and let them teach you what you need to know.

If you continue to rebel and cheat at school etc, you will end up bitter and unhappy. If you change your ways now, you could join the ranks of the happy yuppies, and live your life entirely for the joy of money and material wealth. You could be entertained easily by simple pointless things like TV soapie shows, and you could find great meaning in the stock market. You could be constantly reassured that everything will be fine as long as you follow your country's leaders patriotically. In short, your life would really be SO much easier. All you have to do is pay attention at school and do what they tell you. Take the blue pill. Trust me... you will thank me later... capitalism will thank me for this great service I am now dedicating this page to. Go now, young convert, and spread the word to your peers! Make this world a happier place for the rich and middle-class... Long live capitalism! Long live the public school system!

Yes. This was my April Fool's Joke for 2003. I had it posted on my main page under the heading "IMPORTANT SITE UPDATE". If you read the whole thing, can you really take it seriously? According to my hit counter, a lot LESS people started visiting the site a while after I put that up, so you'd swear a lot of people thought I was serious. A friend told me he visited my site, read like the first 2 paragraphs and then got upset and left. So I'm guessing a lot of people couldn't stand to read any further :P I guess I shouldn't have any more April fool's jokes on this site. I seem to be too good at it :P

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1 April 2003

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