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Guantanamo Bay

by colin

Guantanamo Bay, America’s concentration camp, where people are held without a trial and no release date. Two Frenchmen who were detained there stay at Guantanamo Bay as “hell”. Prisoners are afraid that they “might be killed at any minute”.

When captured by the Northern Alliance, in Afghanistan, they are carried in lorry containers which only a handful of the “detainees” survive. Guards would say, in Feroz Abbasi case, “Nobody knows you're here, all they know is that you're missing and we could kill you and no one would know”

Prisoners are deprived of sleep and kept on restricted diets to weaken them. "After time passed, that level of fear came down somewhat but never vanished ... Not only could they do anything to any of us, but we could see them doing it to other detainees. We thought that we would never get out." Says a detainee at Guantanamo.

Prisoners are kept in rat, snake, and scorpion infested cages where they have to endure blistering day temperatures and freezing night temperatures. The abuse ranges from sleep deprivation to shackling in painful positions to sexual humiliation.

But things got worse when Gen Miller came during the end of 2002. That is when short-shackling [when detainees are chained into a squatting position] started, loud music playing in interrogation, shaving beards and hair, putting people in cells naked, taking away people's 'comfort' items [e.g. towels] ... moving some people every two hours, depriving them of sleep, the use of a/c [air-conditioned, cold] air.” said Mr. Rasul. “Although sexual provocation, molestation did not happen to us, we are sure it happened to others ... One detainee came back from an interrogation crying and confided in what had happened. That detainee told others and then other detainees revealed that it had happened to them."

By the departure of the original commander, Brigadier General Rick Baccus, the defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld gave military intelligence control over all aspects of Guantánamo.

As reported by the Washington Post reported that under Gen Miller a system was instituted which allowed hooding or keeping prisoners naked for more than 30 days, threatening by dogs, and extreme temperatures.

"An American ... shouted at me, telling me I was al-Qaida. I said I was not involved in al-Qaida and did not support them. At this he started to punch me violently and then when he knocked me to the floor started to kick me around my back and in my stomach." That’s what it is to the interrogators at Guantanamo a fake confession is as good as a real one. “Eventually I just gave in and said, 'OK, it's me' ... because of the previous five or six weeks of being held in isolation and being taken to interrogation for hours on end, short shackled and being treated in that way,"

They are not allowed to practice there religion and they have there beards shaved off.

Why wasn’t any of this on the news, why didn’t any reporters ask any questions? Most people do not know what’s happening to these people because there are no media outlets to expose this. We must stop the torture and stop these U.S. concentration camps. Because if we don’t this will happen to people who oppose the U.S. government. The patriot act 2 that is trying to get passed in congress will take away anyone’s U.S. citizenship who says something against the government. They can then be held without the government giving there identity out.

Written by colin.

Written by: colin
1 January 2003

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