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Middle East conflict

by SoulRiser

There seem to be two strong opposing sides to this matter. People on Israel's side say Israel was there first and that the land belongs to them. People on Palestine's side say Israel is violating people's rights and being generally badass.

Frankly, I think this is all rather childish. Everybody needs someplace to live. Who gives a damn who was there first? If every group of people who was somewhere FIRST had to go there now and demand it back, just imagine the utter mess the world would be in. OK, so there's a lot of 'Holy Land' there that means a lot to Israel. Fine and dandy. Apparently Palestine also has 'Holy Land' in the area. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that in both the Bible and Quran, sharing is encouraged?

And what's all this chaos with guns? It seems some Israeli soldiers think that just because there's Holy Land involved, that it's OK to get all emotional and shoot helpless civilians. Now, I don't think the Israeli government is actually condoning this. The news and media like to portray the Israeli government as the aggressors, meanwhile its a bunch of soldiers doing 'their own thing'.

Someone started all this. I doubt anyone knows FOR SURE who really started all this fighting. But the fact is, someone has to take the first step to try to put an end to it. Palestinian groups are doing suicide bombings on Israeli civilians, and Israeli soldiers are shooting down Palestinian civilians for revenge, as well as the other way around. Each side saying the other side started it. If so many people weren't dying in such horrible ways, you'd swear it's little brother and sister poking each other with a fork, and mommy asking "Who started it?", and each of them pointing fingers at the other.

What I would love to know is: which of the two is going to grow up first?

Written by: SoulRiser
1 January 2003

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