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Good Teachers

A tribute to the teachers who really care.
by SoulRiser

This page is dedicated to those few genuinely good teachers who really care.

My Art teacher:
She's always willing to listen to our problems and she doesn't become unnecessarily angry. When we have practical lessons she has a radio and CD player in the class and we can listen to anything we want to. Even stuff like Korn and Rage Against The Machine. Okay, she doesn't like that stuff but she won't prevent us from playing it. She likes Vivaldi and if she's really had a bad day she puts that CD in. We can talk to her about anything, even things that bother us about school itself. It's funny how whenever somebody has a free period they always come to the Art class, even if they don't take art at all.

My Maths teacher:
She's never unreasonable. One time when a bunch of us were in trouble about not showing up for something in the afternoon, and one kid said she totally forgot about it, my maths teacher smiled and said that it's perfectly normal for people to forget things. She has an amazing ability to stay calm and almost never gets angry. She only gets angry about things that actually matter. Most other teachers over react a lot of the time, but she doesn't.

My Science teacher:
He's got a great sense of humour and he jokes a lot. He even let us make a poster saying "help, our science teacher's mad" and stick it on the wall (just for fun of course). He's always extra happy when we do experiments that let off stinky gases. And he's at his happiest when there's nitrous oxide floating around (laughing gas).


Written by: SoulRiser
26 November 1999

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