"Gandhi was much more Christian than many people who say they are Christians." - John Paul II, Pope, 1920 - 2005

School is Slavery

You would think that we as a society would have woke up by now to the fact that forcing people to go to school is just flat out morally wrong.
by |55555|

The way I see it, school is slavery. They force kids, who have done nothing wrong, to go to a building for 6 hours a day where they are subjected to bullies, hours of work that we do not want to do, and teachers who think that they're actually doing good for society by forcing us to do work. They enforce this by calling kids who refuse to go truants and putting them and or their parents in jail. So basically it's do as you're told, be a good little boy and get good grades, or we'll throw you in jail punk. As a result, I have so far wasted 8 1/2 years of my life going someplace I don't want to go, and I am sick of it.

You would think that we as a society would have woke up by now to the fact that forcing people to go to school is just flat out morally wrong. There is no way to justify forced schooling, and yet they say it's for our own good! How is it even possible to jail somebody for their own good? Why are people so unable to accept somebody's decision to not go to school? It should be my decision, and mine alone on whether or not I got to school.

Now, what we go through is nothing compared to what black people went through hundreds of years ago. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have been a black slave back then, but school is still slavery, and it is still morally wrong. I like this quote from Harriet Tubman:

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

It is still relevant today. Many kids in school do not realize that they are slaves! They're so brainwashed by the school, by their parents, and in some cases by religion that they can't comprehend the possibility that school is slavery. We must spread the anti-school message and rebel if there is to be any chance of us ever being free. Blacks fought for civil rights for years, and eventually they did get them. It may be too late for our generation, but what about our kids, and our kids’ kids? Do we want them to be subjected to the same thing we were? I certainly do not.

Written by: |55555|
10 March 2009

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