"We humans are way too imperfect and not understanding enough to be trusted with the power of 'disciplining' others." - SoulRiser

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August 13, 2021:

Where Will I Learn Social Skills Outside of School? (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 8:07 PM

People often ask things like “If you're homeschooled, where will you learn social skills?” as if school is the only place on Earth you can learn how to interact with other people. “If children didn't go to school, how would they socialize?” - Social variant of the inept minor argument Answer: This argument is based […]

How Can I Stop School Bullies From Bothering Me? (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 2:00 AM

Use the Gray Rock method: Avoid eye contact. Making eye contact with a person transfers a lot of information and energy between you. Don’t give them this. Keep your interactions as short as possible. Respond with very short phrases, simple yes/no answers. Act disinterested and detached, don’t show them any emotion. They feed off your […]

California High School Proficiency Exam (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 1:47 AM

About the Exam The California High School Proficiency Exam (abbreviated CHSPE) is a high school exit exam in California that allows any person at the age of 16 or over to apply to take the exam. Passing the CHSPE essentially offers an equivalent to a high school diploma, and legally has as much value as […]

August 12, 2021:

Q&A: How do I convince my parents to let me quit school? (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 6:58 PM

Convincing Parents Convincing your parents or legal guardian to consider alternative schooling (or no schooling at all for that matter) is tricky, but if done efficiently it may be one of the prime factors that decides your fate and whether or not your parents will back you on any decisions you make yourself. Planning 1. […]

Q&A: What Should I Do If I Am Afraid To Disappoint My Parents? (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 6:54 PM

I would try talking to your parents. If they really care about you they'll listen to what you've got to say and try to help you out. Most other people will call you dumb for your beliefs about school, but don't listen to them. As long as you know you are right, then that's all […]

Q&A: How Do You Show Fellow Students How Stupid School Really Is? (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 6:31 PM

Doc Johnson Now that is a good question. I find that a certain constant sense of humor helps a lot. Use humor to draw people's attention to what's fucked up. That way, you don't seem like a whiny little shit, but rather a shrewd observer or human nature. SoulRiser I think this is a fundamental […]

Q&A: Dropping Out Of School (No Comments)Posted in: Knowledgebase by SoulRiser @ 6:22 PM

Note: The vast majority of information and advice on this page applies only to North America, although much of it can probably be adapted to apply to other places. For country-specific advice and information, try the country list on the main page. Forum Discussions about Dropping Out Is dropping out an option? School Boredom and […]

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