"To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." - Theodore Roosevelt

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Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by I can’t take it anymore
I’ve been home schooled since third grade. Things were going ok until school started to get harder each year. I am now a sophomore in high school and I have trouble understanding pretty much everything I learn (I can understand very little but it isn’t enough to pass). I’ve tried everything like studying like hell, taking notes, etc, and none of these things have helped. I have to resort to cheating just to get ahead which I know isn’t good. School has made me feel like I am stupid, have a learning disability, and am retarded. I’m pretty much traumatized at this point and can’t stop thinking about school and my future. I know school is making me like this because I feel a lot better and try to recover when I’m on break. This shit has made me think about nothing but negative thoughts. Every night before I go to bed, this is all I think about and I want to kill myself. I was going to kill myself the other day, but I just can’t put my family through that. I don’t know when it is going to end. I wish I was nine years old again and didn’t have any of these worries. All’s I can say is that I’m trying my best, but I guess it isn’t good enough. For anyone who is going through something like this, I hope for the best.

Comment on Why do I hate school? by Anonymous
and Tuesday is my 14th birthday

Comment on Why do I hate school? by Anonymous
i cant even skip on my birthday

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by hate myself
im smart and i know that but there is so much work and i dont understand how everyone else does it and now i have a bunch of missing work and now im stressed out

Comment on Why do I hate school? by Anonymous
its almost christmas break

Comment on Why do I hate school? by Anonymous
im done with this school crap

Comment on Mall Plans To Restrict Teens' Access by Bruh
Im so thankful that i live in the eu. Will my kids need to have my own or even governments approval to buy something? This is ridicilous.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by fucking hell
I'm autistic and school (as well as the wider society) was clearly not made for me. It's very obvious that if you aren't a typical normie then society doesn't give a single shit about you. I have never had anyone support me in my life, not family, friends, nobody. It was always me trying to survive on my own. I never was able to make any friends and never found someone that could relate to me, not even online. I realized that school was a useless bureaucracy in 5th grade but I still had hope because I thought that the adult world would finally let me be free, until 6th grade when I realized that even as an adult I STILL had to deal with useless hierarchies and systems that are clearly inefficient and useless. Yet most of society accepts it all with open arms. I got extremely depressed and I'm still depressed to this day. I haven't had any hope for years, my sheer existence is going to make me bound to some useless bureaucracy. My dream has always been to be like the MCs in open-world games that aren't bound to anything and are free to just explore. I'm currently in senior year of HS (I was forced to go physically this year) and I'm going back to my old pattern of going to school normally for a week or two then getting extremely burnt out from masking and skipping. My state has strict laws against dropping out so I feel very trapped. Sometimes I wish I was a typical normie, you clearly get a lot of benefits for being one. I'm this close to running into the woods (would take awhile, I'm in the heart of the city) and becoming an urban legend.

Comment on Why do I hate school? by Kyle
imagine wasting 12 years of your life going to a place and putting up with bullshit like learning meaningless crap, and submitting to garbage authority and rules. then you earn yourself a diploma that basically says you survived 12 years of bullshit. Now you just wanna fuck off and do whatever the fuck you like. But no, you need money to survive, and you need stable living jobs, because surprise surprise, cost of living is too fucking expensive. everything cost money. so you have to get a job, but how? unless it's slaving away for 10-12 hours flipping burger for life, you HAVE to go to college, putting up 4 more years of bullshit to earn a bachelor's degree, which is STILL not enough to be accepted for a decent job. WTF. What's next then? another goddamn 3-4 in Master's Programs and MAYBE 2-3 years in fucking PhD/MD. Only then you have a decent chance to have a payable job. And it's only once you attain that good paying, should you have a well-defined status, money, and a title to be remembered by society. This whole system is fucked up. literally just SUBMIT TO OUR SYSTEM OR GTFO AND DIE IN IRRELEVANCY

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by AC
Hello, although I am quite late. I am 17 and always hated school since about kindergarten. Once I got into 3rd and 4th grade I absolutely hated school. My parents would have to force me out of bed because I refused to go. It always felt like torture to me, I hate sitting and listening to teachers talk hours on end and reading boring books and trying to memorize everything. In all almost 12 years of school I’ve done, I can tell you I have leaned absolutely nothing that I would need in the real world. I’ve been failing every year and have done summer school twice. I just found out I need to do 6 more classes to graduate this year. It fucking sucks, I feel like an idiot always because the kids I go to school with seem to enjoy it and get good grades. While I’m over in the corner just thinking about blowing my head off honestly. It’s just so stressful. I come home and all I think about is school, how am I going to get this done? My mom had dropped out at my age but she had a good GPA I have a 1.8 gpa. I can’t learn like these other kids can and it seems to make teachers think I’m stupid and I hate that. I’ve never really gave any fucks about the quizzes and homework I basically bombed all of it. All I want to do is graduate and be able to live my life without school. It’s made me so depressed and tired and just makes me think I have no future what so ever because I didn’t do good. I’ve learned more on google than I have in school and that says a lot. I wish there were more options for kids like me to be able to succeed in a different environment. Not everyone learns the same way. If you can relate to this you are not the only one and we are not stupid. We just don’t think the same way as everyone else does, and that’s ok because honestly school is bullshit, they teach you nothing useful other than how to read and do basic math. I wish it was more of you can pick what you want to learn about and not just do what the teachers want you to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to graduate this year, if not I’m not even sure what I would do. Probably just drop out even though everyone says to me you will not be able to even get a job. Fuck it I don’t even care. I’m a good worker when it comes to an actual job and getting paid. But school, fuck no get me out of there it’s horrible.

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