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Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by Elki
I’m in online school right now and to be honest it’s really hard for me and what makes me so upset is I know that it shouldn’t be I have the easiest classes I could have and I still can’t do it I just feel like a pathetic waste of space. I have so much work to do and I don’t have the will to do any of it I just don’t want get any older I want to d my grades have been bad since I was young and now they’re really important but I don’t see any grand prize at the end of this for me to be able to do it. Every since I was 8 years old I’ve been telling myself “just make it to 16” then I’ll end it and be okay I’ve never wanted to live past 16 and I getting close to it and it was easy to say that when I was 8 years old because it just seemed so far away but now it’s close and I still stand by it except now it’s more scary. I wish I could talk to my friend about things but I really don’t want to scare anyone and they all have their own problems and I don’t want anything I say to trigger someone but even when I feel happy one thought about that homework makes my stomach turn and I feel so sick. Even as a very young child I knew that thinking about school I’d never make it I’m just not strong enough I’m trying but it’s never enough. My parents don’t listen to what I say close enough I tell them I want mental help and they say they’re working on it and I know they’re busy but I can see they just forgot about me...I really won’t d at 16 because I’m not brave enough.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by Anonymous
i dont know about this its kinda scary for some reason \: and i really hate schools and feel horrible once i get home from the unerworld but you have to go to schools you dont want to be stupid do you? schools is the one reason you were able to sovle addition. school is the reason you learned how to read ateast you even have friends so you cant just talk trash about schools like that. i really hate this schools survival net thing and yeah -_-.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by YAA KID
Dude, I'm sorry to hear.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by YAA KID
School is making me very depressed. Especially because of Covid-19. However even before corona virus I barely got to talk to my friends and my teachers an ass-hole. So ye, school sucks!!!

Comment on Reasons in favour of public schooling by ScooB20
I know i am 11 years late but you cant exactly say that that those things are true i think this would be a better list: 1. Now days atleast, were I live, it's mostly the social aspect that keeps most uf us frum skipping school. 2. Teachers are mostly nicer then 20 - 30 years aog from what i hear from my dad, though he did grow up in a bad part of LA and being one of the only white kidds. at this point i dont know what els to say so i am going to say negitive things about school 1. You cant eaven think about what your going to think about unless it's about what your suposed to be thinking about. 2. Can only go to the bathroom TEN times evre quorter( fined a difrent way to put kidds in ther place) 3. "NO TOCHING!," quoting my 4th grad teacher, "IF YOU SO MUCH AS BUMP INTO ONE ANOTHER IN THE HALLWAY..., YOU ARE ALL..., GETING!..., REFERALS!." This is just a personal complait but I cant even tackle my frinds. And w all laphed histaricly when she left and I dont even know what a referal is. 4. I,m not saying we need to eat like the queen of englend but I mean come on the mac'n cheese at my shool is a glob of luck warm plastic cheese on top of hard stal nooddels I feel like i'm complaining to much but. 5. This might seem like a bad one but i think the teachers went from being realy bad to way to nice. My humanitys teacher told my mom that i was "only failing." 6. The LED lights. They're, so, god, damm, bright! 7. If you try your best, try harder because your best isint good enuf. 8. Your teachers make you feel dumb 9. This list is the thing i've had to think the longest and hardest about 10. The big dobble digits congragulations you've gotten to the age were you sstart wondering why your in school in the first place. "Hi i am your teacher remeber me from the last six months, ofcorce you dooooooo. I cant imagin how you chouldent remember me... well it's your Birthday so SIT! THE! F***! DOWN! I'M ABOUT TO LAY SOME HISTORY ON YOU BOY! The first known usige of the birthday par..." 11. POWITRY. this is going to be the gratist poem ever I call it' THE. And hear it is... e hem, THE. 12. Evreone takes evrething to seariously. 13. Cant we just put all the smart people on an island with absolutly no resorces :) 14. Congagulations your 14 and it's the last 3 months of middleschool your teacher just told you for the 7th time the history of the birthday party and your now queshtoning your vary existence. Thats my knollge on school so far i'm 14 and this is deep :P

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by Anonymous
If youve found your passion yet, follow that as mucb as you can. Your parents might disagree but its your best option. Schools hard as shit but in some states theres a test you can take to graduate at 16 if your in the U.S. Dont kill yourself. it might feel lile the only way but you got family youd be hurting. People might say schools the only way to be succesful but the only thing you gotta fo is work your ass off and thats fun to do when you found something you love. try to find an escape to school that gives you happiness and you can follow for the rest of your life. itlle help a lot. im 13 and the only thing stopping me from suicide is family but ive been making music and it helps a lot with everything. try to find something like that and work on it. good thing about being at the bottom is you got nothing to lose so just put everything into what you love

Comment on Why do I hate school? by dat sad boi
I agree about everything you said. Schools are forced labor, schools give you so little food. I'm starving in the afternoon every day I'm at school.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by :(
Well i'm a 12 year old kid who is feeling suicidal mainly because of school. I skipped it for about 2 weeks because of all the pressure and anxiety it gave me. Math was the one I was worried about, all She does is yell at me, gives hella homework every day, embarrasses me and she knows i'm hella shy. (Example) If i look away for 2 seconds she'll give me a whole damn speech, and another thing, if i fucking dont finsih my homework in a day she'll call my mom like really? Thats so irrelevant like give me a break. Its just hard for me to go in the class and see her there im going back on tuesday ffs Its honestly giving me suicidal thoughts. Im to scared to kms but should i still call? Also my close family member died another reason im feeling that way.

Comment on 4 ways school traumatized me, and how I'm recovering by John Doe
i totally f**king agree with this dude. school has become dedicated to giving students no freedom. school wants us to grow up to be *leaders*. and what is the (scientifically proven) best thing for that? CREATIVITY. school never lets us be creative, forces us to bottle all our s**t up, just tries to force feed us useless bulls "knowledge". thank you for making this website.

Comment on Why do I hate school? by shamer the boss
school is such a pain its like cunts made it just to get me to copy the terminator and kill Horace Mann before he was born those bitches who made a forced school system are mega slut bitch cunts with no souls i want to hang them ang make them the nhl referees just to watch hockey players beat their asses. i honestly wanna make the governments suffer for their action anyone who mentions flipping burgers can go on the bus and go to hell. i wanna start a violence group to whoop their asses and feed them to their fat mothers they are fucking pussy ass snowflake cunty fuckers with no life teachers who hate their job should go and quit teaching i hate that we have to learn lies school is the reason I cant exercise as often or do other things i enjoy go to the deepest depths of hell school no-one likes you

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