"School is the first impression children get of organized society. Like most first impressions it is the lasting one. Life is dull and stupid, only Coke provides relief. And other products, too, of course." - John Taylor Gatto, "The Underground History of American Education"

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Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by :(
Well i'm a 12 year old kid who is feeling suicidal mainly because of school. I skipped it for about 2 weeks because of all the pressure and anxiety it gave me. Math was the one I was worried about, all She does is yell at me, gives hella homework every day, embarrasses me and she knows i'm hella shy. (Example) If i look away for 2 seconds she'll give me a whole damn speech, and another thing, if i fucking dont finsih my homework in a day she'll call my mom like really? Thats so irrelevant like give me a break. Its just hard for me to go in the class and see her there im going back on tuesday ffs Its honestly giving me suicidal thoughts. Im to scared to kms but should i still call? Also my close family member died another reason im feeling that way.

Comment on Contact by Erika Miller
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Comment on 4 ways school traumatized me, and how I'm recovering by John Doe
i totally f**king agree with this dude. school has become dedicated to giving students no freedom. school wants us to grow up to be *leaders*. and what is the (scientifically proven) best thing for that? CREATIVITY. school never lets us be creative, forces us to bottle all our s**t up, just tries to force feed us useless bulls "knowledge". thank you for making this website.

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Comment on Why do I hate school? by shamer the boss
school is such a pain its like cunts made it just to get me to copy the terminator and kill Horace Mann before he was born those bitches who made a forced school system are mega slut bitch cunts with no souls i want to hang them ang make them the nhl referees just to watch hockey players beat their asses. i honestly wanna make the governments suffer for their action anyone who mentions flipping burgers can go on the bus and go to hell. i wanna start a violence group to whoop their asses and feed them to their fat mothers they are fucking pussy ass snowflake cunty fuckers with no life teachers who hate their job should go and quit teaching i hate that we have to learn lies school is the reason I cant exercise as often or do other things i enjoy go to the deepest depths of hell school no-one likes you

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by lost
I had to check multiple times to see if I didn't write this. I'm going through something extremely similar. I had a breakdown that went on and on...i also have no friends. those who talk to me are fake/put on a mask, just like me. I have missed so many days. I just want to be homeschooled. I don't like socialising. Maybe because the people I like being with are so rare. I've always had good grades, but i realised something: grades don't matter! They're just letters and numbers, and they judge your MEMORY, not your abilities as a person! It's hell every single day and you're expected to go on as if nothing happened! I don't know how long I'll last too. I'm so suicidal, everyday. I also hate school so badly, but nobody seems to understand, not even online!. Rarely do I feel seen and heard. I don't know how so many people can go there and having no issues whatsoever! They also tell me it's all in my head. I wish there was a way to show my pain physically, so they would take me seriously and love me. I am so alone, the loneliness is unbearable. Meds and therapy don't really help. My teachers are also rude, i am also mocked by others. my pain is constantly forgotten or invalidated. I want to hurt myself or do something that will get them to notice! Out of spite! Others only seem to care when you die. When a young soul crumbles under the exhausting pressures of society.. I hope you find joy in your life. School has also ruined my life. i'm trying to get help but it's so hard.

Comment on What to do if school makes you depressed and/or suicidal by Help
School has ruined my life. I'm currently in the midst of a breakdown that knows no end. At school: I have no friends to the point of living in isolation, I am constantly mocked, the teachers are rude, the work has me stressed. And it doesn't fucking end, its the same every day and I'm supposed to endure it. At the start of the school year, I told my parents everything and they informed my school. Its safe to say that my school didn't give a shit. I'm not lying when I say that I would literally cut my arm off if it meant never having to go to school again. And every one is telling me that its all in my head and that my pain is really nothing. That I should just 'knuckle down' and 'get on with it'. I don't know how long I will last. I'm suicidal. And no one is doing anything. I have no idea what to do.

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Comment on 4 ways school traumatized me, and how I'm recovering by Michael Strong
Great stuff. I'm committed to creating healthier, better school models because school is so destructive to so many people. Here I have an article at Medium,"Are Public Schools Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness?" that expands your personal experience into a society-wide calamity.

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