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14-year-old votes in the UK election

A 14-year-old boy is believed to have voted in the general election in Lancashire.

Police are investigating whether the boy filled in a ballot paper in the Wyre and Preston North Constituency.

Wyre Borough Council said it believed an underage person had cast a vote on Thursday and the matter had been passed to the police.

Jim Corry, chief executive of Wyre Borough Council, said the council would help with the police investigation.

"We can confirm that it appears an underage voter has cast a vote in the 2010 Parliamentary Election for Wyre and Preston North Constituency," he said.

"This is a potentially a criminal offence and the matter has therefore been referred to the police who are responsible for any further investigations into this and Wyre Borough Council will assist as necessary."

A police spokesperson said: "It was reported to us via a third party that a 14-year-old had cast a vote at a polling station in the Wyre area.

"This matter is now being investigated by police. Although the vote was cast, it has not had any effect on the voting results."

Ben Wallace won the seat in a hold for the Conservatives with a majority of 15,844.


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