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Celebrity culture is fuelling violence and sex among children, says schools tsar

Celebrity culture is fuelling violence and sex among children, says schools tsar

Unruly pupils are copying the worst behaviour they see from footballers and celebrities on television, the Government's discipline tsar said today.

Sir Alan Steer, a retired head who has conducted a four-year investigation into school discipline, claimed that abusive football stars fuelled violence in the playground while celebrity sex scandals encouraged teenage promiscuity.

Sir Alan called for parents to spend more time and less money on their children, and must be prepared to say "No" more often to their demands.

He suggested a ban on televisions in children's bedrooms to minimise the influence of popular culture on the young.

Sir Alan also stressed that schools should make more use of traditional methods of discipline such as detention to tackle unruly pupils.

Fuelling violence and bad behavior: Children are copying footballers like Newcastle star Joey Barton, who was jailed for an assault in Liverpool, and singer Amy Winhouse, who has been charged with attacking a fan

A big expansion of parenting contracts enforced by fines of up to


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