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GED vs High School Diploma

A GED is basically the equivalent to a high school diploma, but for some reason, 3-5% of colleges and employers still don't accept it as good enough for them. Why is this? Let's take a look at the differences, and possible reasons why some people have a GED instead of a normal diploma.

Reasons to get a GED instead of a diploma:

So basically, most of the people with GED's instead of normal diplomas are not your typical teenager. They might think out of the box somewhat, be more independent, be more intelligent, or simply not be able to stand boredom for long periods of time. Whatever the case may be, some colleges and employers prefer more 'typical' students who can handle the large amounts of boredom and repetitiveness that public school offers. Maybe they want students who are more likely to be 'obedient' or 'fit in' with other 'normal' students. Maybe they want students who don't really think for themselves too much. Maybe they'd prefer students who like striving to get little A grades more than actually learning about anything.

I suppose there is one other possible reason they might find a GED to be inferior, but it's not exactly a very reliable test - they might think that people with a GED are not properly 'socialized'... whatever that means. Basically, some people seem to think that if you attend school for the full 12 years, you somehow miraculously learn 'good people skills', even if you're surrounded by obnoxious idiots most of the time, and spend more time avoiding people than actually interacting with them. Apparently, even that counts as 'socialization' - the ability to 'deal' with crap from people. It never ceases to amaze me what ridiculous arguments people come up with in favor of schooling these days.

Either that, or they don't know that a GED test actually tests all the same things that a normal high school exit exam does, and therefore someone with a GED has indeed passed all the same kind of tests someone with a normal diploma has. Whatever their reasons may be, I think it's obvious they're not the kind of college or employer that a somewhat unconventional or intelligent person would want to deal with anyway. Keep your sights on the 95-97% of colleges and employers that have their facts straight.

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