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Help defeat ageist driving law in New Jersey

I just received this on the National Youth Rights Association mailing list:

NYRA has gotten involved in an ever escalating battle in New Jersey over Kyleigh's Law, a new law that goes into effect Saturday that will require provisional drivers under 21 to display a red sticker on their license plate identifying them as under 21. The intent is to make it easier for the police to pull them over. Youth rights advocates understand the injustice of this law and know that to impose this requirement only on new drivers under 21 is age discrimination.

The unintended consequences of this law are also attracting opposition from folks who usually don't identify as youth rights advocates. By clearly identifying cars driven by young people without passengers this exposes them to harassment, stalking and worse by those who would do them harm. A law in Florida identifying rental cars led to nine murders as criminals found it easier to target tourists.

NYRA has spoken out in the media against this law and is now asking all NYRA members to join the campaign. We are asking drivers in New Jersey (and across the country) to display a red sticker on their license plate as a sign of solidarity and support for the young drivers being singled out by this terrible, discriminatory law. Please join the effort!

Hear what our president, Jeffrey Nadel has to say about the issue:

Read some press coverage we've gotten here:

The law has passed and goes into effect Saturday, but we've just begun to fight! Opposition is growing across the state and now is the time to add your voice to defeating this legislation. In addition to our sticker campaign NYRA members are planning a protest against the law, e-mail us for more information. Also, lawmakers are already planning to introduce legislation to repeal this dreadful law, please help them out!

Contact your NJ Assemblymember and tell them to repeal Kyleigh's Law:

Not in NJ? No worries, put a red sticker on your car and show your support for the effort. Take a picture and send it to nyra [AT] youthrights.org

Want to get up to the minute updates about what NYRA is doing and important youth rights news? Join our Facebook page, the best way to stay plugged into what is going on:

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