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Help Needed: Tell the Senate to End Legalized Child Abuse

From the NYRA Newsletter:

Things are busy right now on Capitol Hill. Senators and Congressman are trying to wrap up a number of crucial debates before they head home to their districts for the holidays. In the coming weeks they’ll be considering everything from tax cuts, to school lunch, to the impeachment of a federal judge.

What they won’t be considering is ending institutionalized child abuse.

According to two reports by the Government Accountability Office there are hundreds of residential programs regularly practicing in abuse, humiliation and deception. Thousands of kids, many of whom have broken no laws, have been forced to attend these programs against their will. Currently, these programs are entirely unregulated.

But certain members of the Senate refuse to act. A few weeks ago, in his office, Senator Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee told NYRA Staff and Board Members:

“There are standards for nursing homes and child care facilities, there ought to be standards for these programs.”

We couldn’t agree with the Senator from Iowa more. But not everyone in the Senate shares this belief. There are those who refuse to do anything. But we’re not going to take this lying down.

Please read these two pieces from Change.org and Huffington Post, written by NYRA Staff, and then sign the petition on Change.org. Tell the Senate that Assault is not therapy.

CHANGE.ORG - Child Abuse is Illegal, Right? Not At Teen Boarding Schools

HUFFINGTON POST – Republicans Sink Bill to Prevent Abuse in Teen Behavior Schools

Don’t forget to sign the Petition – Assault is Not Therapy – End Legal Child Abuse

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