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Myspace Allows Beta Testing of Kid-tracking Software

MySpace is in a public beta test of software it calls "ParentCare" designed to let parents keep an eye on their kids' profiles. According to the FAQ, ParentCare squats on the family PC to "automatically track any access to myspace.com from all the user accounts on your computer. The parent may run a check on their teen's activities by double clicking the ParentCareBeta system tray icon to view the events."

Note, however, that MySpace is still very concerned with privacy. Er, its own, that is. Check out this NDA you agree to by downloading the code:

By downloading the ParentCare Beta software, you agree to not disclose any information about its content, its look and feel, and your experience with the software or your opinions about the software to any party other than a representative of Fox Interactive Media. Examples of prohibited disclosures are as follows:

* Communicating with reporters or media regarding the software
* Posting comments on an internet bulletin board regarding the software
* Sending emails regarding the software

Thank you for your compliance with this nondisclosure agreement ...

Plans for the tracking tool -- formerly codenamed "Zephyr" -- have been known since January, but it's unclear just how much monitoring ParentCare does. Also unanswered: does MySpace have another monitoring program (ParentCareCare?) that tells them if you violate your NDA by sending an e-mail describing your experiences monitoring your kid?


so keep an eye out, guys. -ATX

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