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Obsessed' teacher charged with rape of teen

A married South Shore teacher was so "obsessed" with a teen boy she had sex with him on his kitchen floor, in the shower and in the living room and it all began when he was 13 years old, prosecutors said today.

The alleged victim, now 16, said they had sex a total of 300 times - "possibly every other day," according to a police report obtained by the Herald.

Christine A. McCallum, 29, of Rockland faced three charges of statutory rape in Brockton District Court earlier today. Prosecutors say she had sex with the alleged victim when he was 13, 14 and 15.

The elementary school teacher was held on $10,000 bond, $1,000 cash, after her appearance in Brockton. She pleaded not guilty today at another arraignment on more related charges in Hingham District Court.

"The defendant is obsessed with this young child," said Assistant District Attorney Michael Scott.

McCallum has been placed on administrative leave from her job as a fifth-grade teacher in Abington. McCallum was seen with her husband in court today.

Her lawyer, Frederick McDermott, said McCallum befriended the teen boy and his younger brother and was acting as a "surrogate mother." The boys, the lawyer said, are being raised by a single dad.

Authorities say McCallum tutored the alleged victim's brother and that is how she was introduced to the older boy. Scott alleges McCallum also plied the victim with alcohol, a charge she denies.

Police arrested the elementary school teacher last night at her home charging her with having sex with the boy multiple times during a 19-month period.

The charges McCallum faced in Hingham District Court alleged sex acts that occurred in Rockland. Scott said the boy told police that he had sex for the first time on Feb. 7, 2006, on a couch at McCallum's home in Rockland.

Police report seizing a green throw rug from the living room of McCallum's home as part of the investigation into the alleged sexual assaults, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Scott said investigators have discovered 10 hand-written letters that McCallum allegedly sent to the boy over the course of their relationship.

In those letters, Scott said that McCallum professed her love for the boy and wrote of her jealousy of his female classmates. While she never wrote of any sexual relationship, it was implied, Scott said.

Investigators also discovered messages McCallum, who used the moniker "stine," sent to the boy through their MySpace pages, Scott said.

"It's hard to be with you and set boundaries," she allegedly wrote. "It's hard to kiss you and tell you no."

McCallum and her husband of five years, Scott McCallum, held hands before the arraignment, and declined to comment as they left court.

"Her husband is supporting her," McDermott said in court.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz called the allegations "extremely disturbing."

He said police were first made aware of the alleged relationship this week. He declined to explain why the boy did not report the relationship to police earlier. Scott said the boy's father discovered the love letters from McCallum back in 2007 when the family was moving to a new house, but he did not notify police at the time.

Abington Police Chief David Majenski labeled McCallum a "predator."

"It's really a tough case for everyone involved," he said during a press conference this afternoon. "We truly believe this party is a predator."

While police have no evidence there are other victims he said: "We certainly wouldn't rule it out."

He said the boy's father contacted police Jan. 6 after a friend of the boy told his mother about the affair. The mother then told the alleged victim's father, who immediately called police. The boy was interviewed yesterday, the same day he and his father took out a restraining order against McCallum, said Rockland Police Chief John Llewellyn.

Rockland police charged McCallum with four counts of statutory rape, as well as furnishing alcohol to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Both police chiefs alleged that McCallum attempted to manipulate the boy, even buying him a cell phone so she could always reach him.

The chiefs said the relationship went sour sometime in late 2007 when the boy starting having relationships with girls his own age, and McCallum took the cell phone back.

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