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Prank Ideas

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are some funny school prank ideas:

  1. have your whole lunch table to go "shhhhh!!" and the people might get quiet then have one person stand up and start a slow clap. you might get in trouble. but it'll be worth it.
  2. when you walk into class, grab a chair in front of the teacher, take off a shoe and start smelling your foot.Then stop, look at the teacher and offer your foot to him/her.
  3. what you have to do, by the way its not dangerous, you buy over 1,000 bounce balls, (u can get them from ebay) and when one of your several bells ring for a break or to go to another class, you and a bunch of people throw them down hard. They will hit the ceiling and go for a while, and everyone will join in. Its so fun. My friends and I did it:)
  4. when the teacher leaves the room take any notes and hide them somewhere in the room then when they come back they dont know what to do all day and will have to wast time looking for it.[works best in homeroom]
  5. On a day you get a substitute teacher, have your whole class switch names, and if you have to read out-loud get the whole class to pretend you can't read. Like sound out every word. They get REALLY mad!
  6. When you have a sub take a cellphone and you or a friend ask to go to the bathroom and then take it with you. Call the school and ask to talk to the sub and say you are the teacher and you need to tell the sub something important. Tell the sub that you want to cancel the homework because you are not there to teach the class how to do it. this usually work best in biology, chemistry, or any kind of math. This usually works, but don't do it to the same sub more than 2 times or in the same class.
  7. Talk about your teachers life. when she trys to talk back keep interupting her saying more stuff about her life(say thier husbands or cars) and if she ingores you ans starts teaching just keep talking to her
  8. Whenever a teacher is done explaining a project to you, raise you hand (or better, just yell out) "BUt i dont get it!!" they'll explain it again, and just keep saying you dont get it. Then after you've done that a couple of times, ask stupid questions, things that you already know how to do by nature, that you never needed to learn. after every instruction they give say "but how do you do that???" it wastes the whole class and is a fun teacher prank :)
  9. when the teacher says line up pat him or her on the back and say good lesson and put a "kick me" sticky note on her back
  10. Tell everyone in your class to bring food on a certain day and throw a party without telling the teacher. When the ask tell him or her that you would have sent them and e-mail but you didn't have there e-mail address. It makes 'em so mad.
  11. all you do is in a computer class you take the keys on the keyboard because they will come out so you take them out and rearrange them so when you type it will be sayin totally different letters then you tell the teacher then he has to fix the whole thing and you will get a free class
  12. when u have a substitute teacher, and they write their name on the chalkboard, erase/change their name slightly so that the other students screw it up and the sub may/may not get pissed off-it causes the sub to go off topic saying MY NAME IS NOT MR CRAPHEAD ITS MR CAPWEDD!!!(depends on mood.) also try switching names with someone else.(say your name is Jerry and your friends name is Justin. now you pretend to be Justin and get the sub teacher to call you Justin for the rest of the day/vice versa...) its really funny especialy when your sub has no clue whos name is whos after a while.
  13. here is a prank on teachers: get up in the middle of a test and yell to him/her that you like their pants. it is hilarious to see their reaction!
  14. Walk your buddys to their seats and insist on talking to their teachers about a sertain "situation" that ----- seemed to be upset about(it normally wastes about 10 min. if ur good), then when the teacher insits you get to class walk up to your buddys seat and start doing the Perfect T.V. mom thing like "ok sweety now don't trade your chocolet milk for soda again, and if this emily says you look like a one ugly mother fucker again, tell her its ok that she only has 7 dads" (do this as often as possible its rather entertaining...)
  15. Hide under your desk like you're camping out and if your teacher notices, tell him/her "you're invited if you bring me some pillows!"
  16. Post signs that say 3rd hour meet in library and the class will go to the library and the teacher won't know where the whole class is

Got any more school pranks ideas? Post them in the comments! :)

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