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Reasons why I hate my dad

  1. I hate my dad because every time I want to do something on my own, or do something that's just a bit different from normal, he puts me down and treats me like an idiot.
  2. He thinks I'm an irresponsible moron, but won't let me do anything that might teach me some responsibility.
  3. Every time I make even a tiny mistake, he acts like it's the end of the world and tells me I'll never amount to anything in life.
  4. I don't respect him at all because of these things, but he demands me to respect him as if he somehow deserves it. But he doesn't.
  5. I hate how my dad is completely ignorant of everything that I care about. He doesn't know me, and I don't think he wants to. He only wants me to be a younger version of himself, and there's no way I'll ever be that. So he'd rather not know just how different I actually am from him. So much for unconditional love.
  6. I hate how I always have to pretend to be something I'm not, just to avoid my dad yelling at me.
  7. He always tries to intimidate me into doing things he wants me to do, and doesn't care if I want to do it or not.
  8. My dad doesn't understand what school does to me. He has no idea how shit I feel just by being there. If I try to tell him how I feel, he tells me I'm a wimp for having feelings like that, and that I need to keep going so that I can 'toughen up'.
  9. He thinks that I think I know everything just because I can look it up on the internet. I never said I know everything. Hell, I don't even know much at all. What *I* hate is how he always insists that he knows better than I do, and refuses to even listen to what I have to say. He doesn't even listen to what I'm saying, and then still insists that he knows better. WTF!
  10. As if that wasn't enough, every now and then he just hits me for no reason. I think he thinks it's 'playful' or something, but I find it degrading. If I tried to hit him 'playfully' he'd fly into a rage and call me 'ungrateful' and all sorts of other shit.
  11. Also, he's always paranoid and negative with his outlook on life. He's always focused on the worst that can possibly happen, and thinks I'm being stupid if I'm being optimistic, or focused on something good that happened. If it's something good, it has to have been a fluke as far as he's concerned, and everyone's always better off being miserable and thinking of the worst case scenario. He also always tries to ruin my plans because they're "not realistic enough" - in other words, they're too optimistic and focused on positive thinking. He wants me to be a miserable grumpy old man like he is. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
  12. And if I don't pretend to be happy, my dad says he doesn't like my 'attitude', and that I should be grateful that I have a roof over my head and food and all that shit. Yeah, that's great, but frankly I'd rather live out on the street than have to live with my parents. I'd rather be physically starving than emotionally starving. I think that would be better for my mental health.

I mean seriously, I get along better with total strangers than I get along with my own father. How sad is that?

What do you think? Why do you guys hate your dads? And what can I do to get through to my idiot dad?


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Posted in: Commentary by Logan on August 27, 2009 @ 4:13 PM

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