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Student arrested for Facebook burn page

MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) - The Mobile County Sheriff's office arrested a Mary G. Montgomery student after he created a Facebook page that harassed fellow students.

The Facebook page, called 'MGM Burn', was filled with crude language and it was the talk of the school.

The page allowed an open forum for students to ridicule anyone they'd like. A lot of the content was outrageously crude and inappropriate.

"I think children have the right to have freedom of expression but to make other children feel bad so that they can feel good, I don't think that's right," concerned parent Evelyn Murphy said.

After school administrators learned of the page, they contacted the Mobile County Sheriff's Office. Deputies were then able to track down a male student who created the website.

Deputies said the juvenile admitted to creating it. He was arrested and charged with harassing communications.

MGM Junior Jaron Grantham said everyone at the school knew about it. Even he was featured on the page.

"I read it, but it really didn't bother me, it's just drama," Grantham said. "You gotta have nothing else better to do. You gotta have no friends apparently, or something like that."

One person told FOX10 'kids will be kids.' But sometimes these actions can have a lingering effect.

"It's unfair to children because it carries over to adulthood. So why would they be allowed to hurt other children?" Murphy said.

MGM High School principal George Romano said the school is still working closely with deputies and that the student will probably be suspended.

The principal said many of the messages were written at 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

He urges parents to keep a close eye on their kids.



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