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Teen Vying To Be Youngest Member of NYC Council

A Brooklyn teenager may be headed into the history books as the City Council's youngest member ever.

Abraham Tischler, 18, is vying for the Borough Park Council seat once held by Simcha Felder, who recently took a job with city Controller John Liu. The Touro College sophomore said his lack of experience will actually help him in the long run, since he doesn't owe anyone favors.

One of Tischler's main goals is to save student MetroCards, which is one of many items on the chopping block for the Metropolitan Transportation Agency as it looks to close a multi-million dollar budget gap. In addition, he said he'll fight to keep firehouses open and crack down on bogus parking tickets.

However, not everyone is happy with Tischler's decision to run. His opponent, 31-year-old David Greenfield, has launched a lawsuit against Tischler, claiming his petitions have forged and duplicated signatures.

In all, Tischler has gathered 1,415 signatures and adamantly denies any of them are lacking validity.

Greenfield, formally chief of staff for Assemblyman Dov Hikind, seems to be Mayor Bloomberg's pick for the seat and is considered one of the front runners. So far, he has raised $131,000 for the race.

Tischler's father, who has capped spending for his son's campaign at $1,000, is calling the lawsuit ridiculous. He claims Greenfield is simply trying to knock his son off the ballot because he's scared.


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