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The Entitlement Issues of Parents

by KittyKatBlack

We always hear, probably daily, about how teenagers or this generation (because no generation before us ever had issues) have this huge sense of entitlement. But what about parents?

Those of you who have the more bitchy parentage may have been told that you should be grateful that they're spending and sacrificing so much for you, implying that you owe them something.

I call bullshit.

If your parents weren't irresponsible, or if they were a victim of rape (which, while horrible and does change some things, does not warrant such entitlement), they probably had you to make themselves happy. They should have been prepared and fully willing to make those sacrifices for you, and yet some later resent you for costing so damn much.

Is it our fault that parenthood wasn't all that they expected? Of course not. If anything, it's their own fault for any unrealistic expectations of their children. We certainly do not owe them anything for simply being born and having needs. We didn't ask to be here. They wanted us here. They owe us those 18 years of sacrifice to prepare us, who had no choice to be born, for the world that they brought us into. Nothing more, nothing less.

Most adults would spasm if they saw that. "See, teenagers are entitled!"
If I seem entitled in this post, it is not because I'm a teenager. It is because I had no other choice but to be born, and I think that does entitle me to some basic necessities. It is their obligation to us to either prepare us the best they can, or to shove us off to someone who will. If they're too selfish to realize that they at least owe us basic necessities and the knowledge to survive, then they need to give their kids to someone who will genuinely care about them.

We are not toys to be enjoyed and then ignored or thrown away when we lose our appeal. We are human beings and we deserve these basic rights, at least until we are fully able to provide for ourselves.

Feel free to add or disagree. If you agree, try to post something that promotes conversation.

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Posted in: Commentary by SoulRiser on October 1, 2010 @ 3:50 PM

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