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The Failing Education System From a Highschooler's Perspective

I came across this website when researching the failing American Educational System. I am a Junior in High School, and school has negatively impacted me and so many others I know. Students are taught compliance and obedience - reminding me of the justice system. Bells ring every 45 min and tell you where to go and what to learn/do. If you do not show up, you are disciplined. Let me tell you, showing up to school from 7-3 (or longer) 5 days a week IS NOT NECESSARY. It has gotten so bad for me that I hardly make it a full week of school. My grades? Straight As. That is simply because we are taught that getting good grades equates to success in life. Which is why the education gap is increasing and more and more uneducated students go out into the world. My conspiracy? It is all on purpose. The government purposely mandates standardized testing and "letters" that determine our success, punishment if we don't fall in line. Because the government wants uneducated people who do not vote or care enough about the world to invoke meaningful change or stand up to important issues/people. (Global Warming, shootings, etc.) I could write a book about my experience in school.. haha well if this site is still active, you should know that the education system needs to be CHANGED from the ground up - and you may be in a position to do so. (Nobody would listen to a highschooler, what do they know?)

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Posted in: Blog by Kat on July 19, 2021 @ 10:49 PM


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