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UK government issues death sentence on suicide websites

THE GOVERNMENT reckons laws on "suicide websites" are too lax and need rewriting before they do serious damage.

Times are hard, and a recent spate of suicides has prompted the government to take a closer look at information available online about easy, painless ways to kick the bucket.

Under a 1961 Suicide Act it is illegal to promote suicide in the UK, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of web sites and forums popping up offering lethal advice.

UK Justice Minister, Maria Eagle, reckons there isn't a "magic solution " to protecting suicidal maniacs online.

But with nothing better to do with its time and dwindling financial reserves, the Government has decided to amend the law and make it more obvious it applies online too.

In other words,


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Posted in: News by NewsBot on September 18, 2008 @ 12:00 AM


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