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UK: School headmaster has ordered pupils to stop hugging each other

A SCHOOL headmaster was branded a killjoy yesterday after he ordered pupils to stop HUGGING each other.

Steven Kenning told teens to quit embracing because it made them late for lessons.

He said hugging could be deemed "inappropriate" and "victims" could be hugged against their will.

The barmy rule was posted on the website of Callington Community College, Cornwall.

Mr Kenning said: "Hugging was happening extensively and becoming the norm. We were worried it might become inappropriate. So we nipped it in the bud."

He added that there had been complaints from some pupils - so he told the kids: "This is very serious not only for the victim but for anyone accused of acting inappropriately.

"To avoid putting anyone at risk, please avoid hugging." But the ban outraged parents and pupils at the 1,250-pupil college, with some claiming they had been punished for illegal hugs.

Bethany Read, 17, said: "We've even had a naming and shaming policy in assembly and people reporting others."

John White, 16, said: "I can understand no kissing - but there's nothing wrong with hugging. Some have had detentions for hugging."

Local councillor Kath Pascoe said: "I don't see anything wrong with hugging - it's better than fighting."

Last year Mr Kenning suspended pupil Daniel Pethick, 15, for streaking his hair like his hero Ashes cricketer Kevin Pietersen.


Not sure if this is serious. I mean, sure, people CAN be that stupid, but... WHAT NEXT? :P

Posted by: SoulRiser
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