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UK: Students given exam with answers

Students at an Aberdeen university were left bewildered when they were given an exam with the answers attached.

Dozens of final-year business students at Robert Gordon University (RGU) received a marker's version of the exam paper by mistake.

However, students alerted invigilators to the mistake and will sit a rescheduled exam.

An RGU spokeswoman told the BBC Scotland news website: "We have apologised to all students concerned."

'Regrettably failed'

The students were sitting the exam on Saturday when the mistake happened. They will re-sit the exam next month.

The RGU spokeswoman said: "The marker's version of the exam paper, which included the answers, was distributed to the students in error and the exam was promptly stopped by the invigilators.

"The university has procedures in place for the preparation and production of exam papers, which regrettably failed on this occasion.

"A replacement exam, with new exam paper, has been scheduled which should minimise the impact to our students."

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