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UK: Support staff get restraint power

Non-teaching staff in England's schools are to get the same right to tackle disruptive pupils as teachers.

The government's education White Paper proposes giving teachers clearer legal power to restrain children through "reasonable force" if necessary.

Head of education at the National Union of Teachers, John Bangs, said: "We are delighted that the government has extended the legal right for a teacher to have the right to discipline.

"We can see the argument for all support staff who have contact with children to have that right.

"We are going to work very closely with the government to make sure every teacher has the right to discipline and that there are no unforeseen consequences."

The general secretary of the NASUWT, Chris Keates, said: "Teachers and head teachers already have the power to discipline.

"The proposal to reaffirm this throughout England by making it explicit in primary legislation sends a powerful signal to parents that schools have government backing in their efforts to maintain high standards of pupil behaviour.

[step back for a second... what kind of picture does this article paint? that schools are places of learning? -SR]

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