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US: Compulsory Attendance Risk Gets Bigger

On Thursday, March 15, the New Hampshire Senate voted 17 to 7 to pass Senate Bill 18. This bill would raise the age of compulsory attendance from 16 to 18, and create an "alternative learning plan," which would allow youth over the age of 16 to satisfy the compulsory attendance requirement without remaining in public school.

Raising the age of compulsory attendance will not help New Hampshire high school students; rather, it will likely raise taxes and potentially create unfavorable regulations for homeschoolers in New Hampshire.

This bill will now be referred to the House Education Committee. While the New Hampshire House overwhelmingly rejected this legislation last year, many new representatives who are not familiar with this bill's flaws are now serving in the House. It is critical that homeschoolers and other New Hampshire citizens contact members of the House Education Committee and encourage them to recommend this legislation as "Inexpedient To Legislate." This bill will pass unless there is a public outcry against it.

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