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Wanette Schools Respond To Student's Suspension For 'I (Heart) Boobies' Bracelet

WANETTE, Oklahoma -- A Wanette High School junior said she was suspended last week for wearing a bracelet that said "I (heart) boobies."

Ashley Willis said she was wearing the bracelet to raise awareness for breast cancer. Her grandmother was a breast cancer survivor.

Willis said she was told by the principal to either take the bracelet off, cover it up, or face suspension. When she refused she was suspended for a day and a half and told if she wanted to come back to school she would have to turn the bracelet over.

Calls and emails to school administrators were not returned.

Earlier this month a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled the bracelets can't be banned in public schools.

Wanette Superintendent Rick Riggs released a statement regarding the incident.

"Wanette Public School has been made aware of the report that a student is claiming he or she was disciplined for wearing a bracelet. As it has been reported, the bracelets would typically be worn by persons who support efforts to eradicate breast cancer. Due to state and federal privacy laws, I cannot discuss any specific incident or possible discipline issues involving any particular student.

I can say that our students and staff have been very involved in efforts to increase awareness and support for the fight against cancer generally, and breast cancer specifically. We have had at least one all-school activity to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

Please note that we take all issues that involve our students very seriously. We will check into the matter and will follow local school policy and state law regarding this matter. Thank you for your interest in our students"
April 22, 2011




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