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Why I hate my mom

My mother is insane. Seriously, she has like multiple personalities or something.

  1. I hate my mom because she always says I'm spoiled and selfish when I try to do ANYTHING for myself. I dunno, maybe she thinks I should act like I'm her slave and only ever do things for her or something?
  2. She always says she's disappointed in me. I can never to anything right. The harder I try to get her to be proud of anything I do, the more disappointed she gets. I try really hard not to care what she thinks, but it's hard. I just want somebody to value me as a human being, and if my own mother can't even do it... who will?
  3. I can't talk to her about how she makes me feel... if I say anything about how she makes me feel like shit, she'll start crying and say I'm being mean to her, and she'll run to my dad and then he'll really get pissed and yell at me for being such a "mean bastard".
  4. I have to pretend to do more homework than I even have, because if I don't spend "enough" time on schoolwork, my mom will bitch at me for being lazy and not being productive enough. Even if I've already DONE all my work.
  5. She never hugs me, but she hugs other people who come to visit her. Sometimes she even hugs near complete strangers. Although I can tell she doesn't really like them, she's obviously being fake about it. I guess even a fake hug would be nice every now and then, but I don't even get that.
  6. If I make some mistake, she says she'll never be able to forgive me for it. So by now I must have like 9 million unforgiven offences against her. I've lost count, but I'm sure she has a record of every single one written down somewhere, because she keeps bringing them up when I least expect it.
  7. If I point out that she's wrong about something, she won't admit to it. She'll get defensive, or make up some way to make herself look right, either that or she'll act like I should never dare to question her no matter what.
  8. If she's feeling sad or unhappy, I always feel like she blames me for it somehow. She doesn't outright say it's my fault, but she doesn't need to. Everything's always my fault.
  9. She keeps saying how I don't deserve all the stuff she and my dad do for me. Damn straight, I think I deserve better parents! LOL.
  10. She keeps saying that I can do better, but when I actually DO better, it's still never good enough for her.
  11. She's always comparing me to other people, but she always finds the other people to be better than me in some way.
  12. She likes to sign me up for things without asking me what I want, and if I tell her I don't want to do it, she doesn't care. She'll still make me go... and I'll usually go, otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.
  13. I hate how I sometimes catch myself doing things I don't want to do, just so that my mother won't yell at me... and I do these things even when she's nowhere nearby and will never find out! That crazy woman has gotten inside my head in a bad way.
  14. I also hate how she answers questions for me. Like if someone asks ME something, she'll answer for me. Like I wasn't even there. Oh and even worse, when she doesn't answer for me, I catch myself looking at her before I answer... like I'm scared of what she'll think of my answer. I can also never really answer anything truthfully with her around. She wouldn't like or understand the truth about me.
  15. She's always asking lots of questions, like "Why did you leave that glass there?" and "Did you put the milk back?" and "Why can't you do that later?" like... LJSDBFKJDS I don't know! I do things without thinking! Don't freaking overanalyze every tiny little thing I do!!
  16. She always wants to know who I'm talking to on the phone, or who that letter is from, or who I talk to on the internet, or whatever. I have no privacy.
  17. And she always makes me feel guilty and says stuff like "Why do you hate me so much?" ... BECAUSE YOU'RE IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE?! But no, that would break her heart and make her go cry to my dad. I can't answer questions like that, and she knows it!
  18. And she takes everything personally, I can't even make jokes around her just in case she thinks I'm being mean in some way. I can't even talk around her. And I can't even be silent around her either because then she thinks I'm avoiding her (which of course I am, and with good reason). I just can't ever win.
  19. I remember when I was younger, she'd always threaten to hit me with her shoe whenever I did something she told me not to do. Even simple things like going into the street when there are NO cars anywhere in sight. She doesn't do that anymore, but I'll never forget it.

I could go on and on forever... but I'll stop now. Why do you guys hate your moms? Is there anything I can do about my mom (I doubt it but just in case someone has a miracle... I'm all ears)?


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Posted in: Commentary by Logan on August 27, 2009 @ 4:06 PM

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