School Survival

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School Reformers Don't Know How Learning Actually Works

by Jerry Mintz (originally posted here) In reference to: It’s too bad that the school reformers and the billionaire funders have to make every mistake there is to make on their way to, perhaps, finding the real clue to how learning actually works. I think they mean well. Probably they feel a little guilty […]

A Popular Principal, Wounded by Government's Good Intentions

BURLINGTON, Vt. — It’s hard to find anyone here who believes that Joyce Irvine should have been removed as principal of Wheeler Elementary School. John Mudasigana, one of many recent African refugees whose children attend the high-poverty school, says he is grateful for how Ms. Irvine and her teachers have helped his five children. “Everything […]

Who says public schools need more money?

Teachers unions and politicians are constantly claiming that K-12 public schools need more money in order to produce good academic results. But does the data support the argument that our schools need more money to succeed? The Oakland Unified School District had a budget of $602 million for the 2008-2009 school year, according to Katy […]

Patrick seeks to expand charter schools

A proposal by Gov. Deval Patrick could open the door to a charter school education for more Cape Cod students. Patrick filed a bill yesterday that would triple the number of charter school slots, giving preference for expansion to charter schools that have already shown a high level of achievement. The proposed legislation increases the […]

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