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April 30, 2011:

Age bias case: Is 13 too young for community college? (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 10:49 PM

Anastasia Megan, a 13-year-old Florida girl who has nearly completed her high-school curriculum via homeschooling, tried to take dual-enrollment courses at Lake-Sumter Community College last year. She was denied entry, however, by administrators who thought she was not ready to sit alongside older...

January 30, 2011:

Student Tracking Finds Limited Learning in College (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 7:16 PM

by Eric Gorski --- 01/18/11 --- The Associated Press --- http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ihzU805is7Y-Mov3q1He2zx12lHQ?docId=7e6fdb1d813e4debbb327e4ad3cd707c

You are told that to make it life, you must go to college. You work hard to get there. You or your parents drain...

September 5, 2010:

Boy, 15, wins place at Cambridge (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 5:19 PM

A boy of 15 who has never been to school has become the youngest student for more than two centuries to win a place at Cambridge University. Arran Fernandez, who was educated at home by his father, Neil, will start a mathematics degree at Fitzwilliam College next month. It will make him the youngest Cambridge […]

October 23, 2009:

University without high school (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 7:41 PM

This alternative-education advice (including how to get parents onside) is aimed at teens “Choosing to leave [high] school is an entrepreneurial move, not a cop-out” is the message of a new book aimed at teens, College Without High School. The author, Blake Boles, the co-founder of Unschool Adventures, writes, “Life is not a pyramid with […]

September 27, 2009:

In Recession, Optimistic College Graduates Turn Down Jobs (4 Comments)Posted in: News by StylizedCarfan1 @ 3:46 PM

It has been two months since Diana Parsons graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a liberal arts degree that cost about $100,000, and she has still not found a full-time job. She has returned to Milwaukee, where she is living with her parents and occasionally waiting tables at a restaurant owned by a friend […]

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