"Continued adherence to a policy of compulsory education is utterly incompatible with efforts to establish lasting peace." - Ludwig Von Mises

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January 3, 2010:

Against Homeschooling - Why Unschooling is Better (4 Comments)Posted in: Commentary by SoulRiser @ 9:14 PM

Homeschooling is generally much better than public schools, and homeschoolers generally do better in college and universities than their public-schooled counterparts. But what does that mean? Is it that homeschooling is better than public schooling, or does it just mean that homeschooling is LESS BAD than public schooling? In public schools, you go there every […]

December 28, 2009:

Alternative Education in Germany (1 Comment)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 7:07 PM

I've added more info to the Alternative Education in Germany page on the wiki. Most of it was taken and auto-translated from the German Wikipedia using Google Translate - so some of the English isn't very good. I don't really have time to fix that, so I just left it as-is. I'm going to do […]

December 24, 2009:

Survey of Adult Homeschooled Students: Better in Almost Every Way (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 1:17 AM

Homeschooling has been misunderstood and maligned for many years, but critics are running out of bad things to say about this educational option in the face of mounting evidence of the advantages. Homeschooled students out-perform their public school peers academically in most areas and have for a long time. This has left defenders of the […]

December 19, 2009:

Homeschooling Socialization not a Problem (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 3:35 PM

One of the most persistent criticisms of homeschooling is the accusation that homeschoolers will not be able to fully participate in society because they lack “socialization.” It’s a challenge that reaches right to the heart of homeschooling, because if a child isn’t properly socialized, how will that child be able to contribute to society? Since […]

December 17, 2009:

New resource for homeschoolers in Portsmouth (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 2:14 AM

Necessity may be the mother of invention and in this case, it's a joint product of mom and dad. Home schooling is an option that combines family togetherness and learning, a choice that is increasing in popularity, but finding resources and like-minded people to support that choice can be difficult. Enter Carrie Whalen-Morrin and her […]

December 3, 2009:

Important Vote Signals Victory for Homeschoolers (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 9:27 PM

Homeschoolers have reason to hope that a years-long effort by some state legislators to impose unnecessary, intrusive regulations has at last been thwarted. This hint of victory comes at the end of a tumultuous 2009, during which homeschool advocates broke records for the largest crowds ever to assemble at the state Capitol in Concord. On […]

December 1, 2009:

Prosecutor to Homeschoolers: No Compromise - You’re Going to Jail! (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 9:19 PM

Juergen and Rosemary Dudek of Archfeldt, Germany, were sentenced to 90 days in prison in July 2008 because they homeschool their children. Their sentence was overturned by an appeals court because of a legal error, and a new trial was ordered. Their new trial began November 16. German news reports indicate the judge appears disposed […]

October 31, 2009:

Arkansas Legislature to begin study on changes to home school law (2 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 2:01 AM

An interim study on changes to home school law by the Arkansas Legislature is set to begin on November 5, 2009 at 10:00 am. Eleven representatives from the public school sector will be there. Dee Black of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Jerry Cox of Family Council located in Little Rock Arkansas will […]

October 22, 2009:

Astra Taylor: Flimmaker talks about unschooling (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 7:41 PM

Would you let your kids stay home from school and teach themselves? Astra Taylor's parents did, and she grew up to be an indie filmmaker. Astra Taylor has a curious mind -- and a curiously educated mind. Taylor, a young indie filmmaker selected as one of Filmmaker magazine's 25 new faces to watch in 2006, […]

October 10, 2009:

Continued Opposition to Homeschooling in California (2 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 12:46 PM

A brand new homeschool mom was in the front office of a middle school in Lake County withdrawing her child when the principal overheard what was transpiring. At that point the principal approached the mom telling her that she could not homeschool because “there was a case decision last year declaring homeschooling to be illegal.” […]

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