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August 23, 2010:

US to Adopt Convention on the Rights of the Child? (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 10:19 PM

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said that if President Barack Obama gets his way and the Senate ratifies the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the precedent would be set to place parental rights under the jurisdiction of the international community.“We believe we need to take clear action here in Congress to protect […]

August 6, 2010:

Teen Chained In Home For 2 Days (Parents Arrested) (4 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 1:59 AM

A father and stepmother have been arrested after they allegedly chained a teen to a kitchen table and physically abused him for two days before he managed to escape, according to authorities. Sacramento police said they found the 13-year-old victim asking neighbors for help on the 7300 block of Winnett Way just before 10:00 p.m. […]

July 24, 2010:

Complaining about a generation of spoiled kids -- again (1 Comment)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 8:19 PM

by Alfie Kohn If the subject is kids and how they're raised, it seems our culture has exactly one story to tell. Anyone who reads newspapers, magazines or blogs knows how it goes: Parents today either can't or won't set limits for their children. Instead of disciplining them, they hover and coddle and bend over […]

July 21, 2010:

Sweden bans homeschooling (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 10:26 PM

Home-school ban in Sweden forces families to mull leaving. A small change in Sweden's schooling law is about to make a big difference for Swedish home-schooling families, potentially causing them to flee to other countries or bring cases to international courts to protect religious and parental rights in the socialist country. The Swedish Liberal Party […]

July 12, 2010:

Debate Looms Over Teens' Privacy Rights on the Web (1 Comment)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 6:37 PM

A proposed change to federal regulations designed to help parents control the information websites collect from their children is stirring a national debate about how much free speech and privacy American teenagers should have on the Internet. For 10 years, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) has required websites aimed at children under 13 […]

June 28, 2010:

Australian woman sells 13-year-old daughter for fuel (3 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 2:19 PM

Sydney: A woman sold her 13-year-old daughter to a truck driver for a load of diesel. The woman, only known as NJJ, sold her daughter while in a drug-fuelled haze. The Downing Centre District Court sentenced NJJ to a maximum nine years jail with a minimum 51/2-year term. The mother and driver were found guilty […]

June 10, 2010:

Mother Finds Kidnapped Kids Through Facebook (5 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 4:53 AM

A San Bernardino mother whose children were kidnapped 15 years ago was able to finally track them down using Facebook. San Bernardino’s Deputy District Attorney says it’s the first time his office has handled a case like this one. But in this digital age, it may not be the last. Faustino Utrera, father of two […]

June 8, 2010:

Judge convicts Ark. mom in Facebook flap with son (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 9:52 PM

An Arkansas woman who locked her son out of his Facebook account and posted her own items there was convicted Thursday of misdemeanor harassment and ordered not to have contact with the teenager. Clark County District Judge Randy Hill ordered Denise New, of Arkadelphia, to pay a $435 fine and complete anger-management and parenting classes. […]

June 5, 2010:

'Helicopter' Parents Have Neurotic Kids, Study Suggests (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 12:45 AM

Source (http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100603/sc_livescience/helicopterparentshaveneurotickidsstudysuggests)

BOSTON - Overly protective parents might be leaving a lasting impact on their child's personality, and not in a good way, a new study finds.
The results show...

April 20, 2010:

16 Year Old Accuses Mom of Facebook Slander (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 7:14 PM

The mother of a 16-year-old boy said she shut him out of his Facebook account after reading he had driven home at 95 mph one night because he was mad at a girl. His response: a harassment complaint at the local courthouse. "If I'm found guilty on this it is going to be open season" […]

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