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Small uniform victory - civil disobedience
This took place in a small private school in a small town in South Africa. The uniform isn't nearly as bad as the ones the public schools here have, and most people are generally OK with it, but one day it went too far...

The school principal had gone away for a day, so the vice-principal took over. That same day a new rule was announced: students had to wear their uniforms to afternoon classes as well, even to practical stuff like art and biology. This resulted in many school shirts getting full of paint and other messy things.

Students (and parents) were very upset about this, and tried to go talk to the principal once she came back to get the rule taken back. That didn't work.

So I had had enough of it, so I just simply stopped going to afternoon classes in uniform. I got a comment here and there about it, but most teachers didn't really care much for that rule either. Other students also stopped wearing their uniforms as well, and one day my whole class decided to stop wearing uniform to class.

The rule never got taken back, but so many students ignore it that it really has no effect at all anymore. Normally though, if one student (and only one) refuses to obey some rule, they can easily be punished, but lots of students can't all be punished... even though they might try.


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