"Punishments and rewards are two sides of the same coin and that coin doesn't buy you much." - Alfie Kohn

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RATS Network

The RATS Network is a webring attempting to link together the many different people from all over the world who are either trying to do something to change schools for the better, or help people to start unschooling/homeschooling.

The point of the network is to help people who visit sites in the network to find more sites and more information more easily - this is good for your site because it should get more visitors, and it's good for visitors because they will find more information that they're looking for.

What kinds of sites belong in the RATS Network:

  • Sites that have something to do with schools or youth rights
  • Sites that help young people change their schools for the better
  • Sites that aim to help people start unschooling or homeschooling
  • Sites that expose some ugly truths about a particular school, or schools in general

List of sites | Featured site | How to Join

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