"Great cycles of history began with vigorous cultures awakening to the needs of children, but collapsing with frayed family ties. Have we failed to learn lessons which Ancient China, Greece and Rome learned too late - about day care and death houses for old folks? Do we without protest accept accelerating preschool and nursing home cultures which warn ominously that the earlier you institutionalize your child, the earlier he will institutionalize you!" - Raymond S. Moore, Ph.D.

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Anti-school poetry

Anti-school poetry by various people.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I hate school,
So lets go sue!

- Anonymous

Title Last Post Author
A Poem by Adrienne (42 comments) 2014.May.19 Adrienne
Broken Opinions and Dreams (19 comments) 2014.Sep.08
Crippler Cliques (20 comments) 2011.Aug.10
Educational Spirit (11 comments) 2013.Feb.06
Halloween (3 comments) 2012.Dec.05
Homework! Oh, Homework! (236 comments) 2014.Sep.29 Jack Prelutsky
Imprisoned (5 comments) 2010.Nov.08
It is not that I hate school (10 comments) 2014.Oct.29 Bob Jones
Like Everyone Else (14 comments) 2010.Mar.21
Never gonna be enough (3 comments) 2009.Jul.05 xaverri
Our mark in passing (11 comments) 2010.May.23 Spooky Poet
Programmed for Success (1 comments) 2009.Feb.01
School Frustrations (18 comments) 2011.Mar.28
Seventh Grade (8 comments) 2014.Apr.07 ink176
Soul Harvester (3 comments) 2011.Nov.04 Psycrow
Stiff (11 comments) 2011.Oct.12 Unknown
Take Action (10 comments) 2014.Oct.02 Badlands17
The Student's Prayer (8 comments) 2014.Oct.09 Umberto Maturana
The war is not over (4 comments) 2012.Jun.25
Uneducated Nation (10 comments) 2010.Sep.10
Untitled (9 comments) 2010.Nov.10
Used to be (11 comments) 2012.Dec.12

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