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Broken Opinions and Dreams


Kids of all ages, broken opinions and dreams
we'll be worse off than it possibly seems

we're inside a prison with constant rain
it's showering acid; it's melting my brain

our real thoughts are gone and we're forced to conform
this place is to brainwash, not to inform

they're about to destroy the minorities
they're being replaced with too many authorities

you may think I don't care, but I just don't want to know
I'm actually smart, but they label me "slow"

there's so much more interesting information
we are the leaders of the next generation

they don't understand that we're worth so much more
but they don't care; they're forced to ignore

I hope that someday, they'll realize their lie
and aknowledge our dreams before they just pass us by

Written by:
1 October 2007

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Posted by:
(Marios DOT sister AT yahoo DOT com )

11 April 2012
I love this poem school is terrible

Posted by:
(snmdatta AT gmail DOT com )

20 May 2011
this poem is beautifully written.........hats off,alisha

Posted by:
9 May 2011
Very true. One of my favourite poems

Posted by:
hater of school.
(blac_k_hole AT hotmail DOT com )

9 April 2011
This poem is the best one i'vee ever heard in my life it's ammaisingg i even memorized it ;) keep on doing more :D

Posted by:

15 December 2010
This is a rele rele good poem...

Posted by:

14 November 2010
Amazing poem and it's all so true.

Posted by:
10 November 2010
this is amazing btw i'm probally gonna end up using it for one of my english projects

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