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Crippler Cliques


This is a poem about cliques and bullying.


You crawl on the ground
afraid to stand up
jumping at a chance
to pull somebody down

You cling to the crowd
afraid to stand out
eager for a chance
to push somebody out

Your life has no meaning
you're trying to belong
spit on, laugh at, trample down
even if it's wrong

If you'd just find a moment
and open your mind
you'd realise there's nothing
no reason to cause all this pain

Written by:
27 December 1998

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Posted by:
(kincadefamily AT hotmail DOT com )

14 June 2009
i know im only 10 and u know who gets bullyed just by looking at them . im goth but dont show it because ill get bullyed by everyone . my parents will still love me but no one else will . its a great poem.

Posted by:
Aaron Evans
(nirvana DOT jam AT hotmail DOT com )

3 March 2009
This is the exact same stuff I try to tell my friend but he never listens and just keeps picking on people!!

Posted by:
16 December 2008
Good poem. Way to be postive about yur comments guys!:@

Posted by:
14 August 2008
Awesome poem sounds great. I totally know about being rejected by peers and stuff like that...

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