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It is not that I hate school

by Bob Jones

It is not that I hate school
I just hate the forced doctrine of learning
I cannot wrap my mind around its everholding views
I search for peace in such despair
but can find none
they don't understand
they don't care
I might as well not be there
but it is my place, I am not a quitter
giving up only shows they've won
I will stand to the end
I will not be confromed
to their walls of lies
my mind is far from theirs
my thoughts, not theirs
I will dream
I will not fail
their pain and torture will not control me
it will only strengthen my will
my will to live as I dream
to find the understanding that I need
as I stand now, on the threshold of knowledge
at the door, that seperates my ways from theirs
do I cross into my own
or do I stay to be conformed
the choice is mine
and everyone at that point in their lives
the decision is hard
it will affect my future
but do I choose the way of the world
or create my own
I will falter
I will stumble
but the end will bring me much joy
the joy the world is lacking
they will call me stupid
and dumb
but that is ok
I have chosen my way
the narrow path
FOR I WILL PREVAIL, because I have what the others are lacking
and that is the will of determination...

Written by: Bob Jones
16 January 2008

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Posted by:

30 April 2012

Posted by:
(nneomaugonna AT yahoo DOT com )

24 January 2010
i hate school too. but this poem is sooo boring that when i strted reading it i stopped.

Posted by:
Katherine Brown
(pokerface_95 AT hotmail DOT com )

1 August 2009
I like this!And for me that is amazing because i hate school a lot.

Posted by:
(dazzlingdiva7 AT gmail DOT com )

15 July 2009

Posted by:
james lancaster
(lankeyjames AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk )

11 May 2009
That is amazing

Posted by:
Aaron Evans
(nirvana DOT jam AT hotmail DOT com )

3 March 2009
But I still really enjoyed this.

Posted by:
Aaron Evans
(nirvana DOT jam AT hotmail DOT com )

3 March 2009
Giving up doesnt meen theyve won, it meens you'd rather learn on your own and dont need them and your not afraid of failing.

Posted by:
Morrigan Falcon
(nameofwrath AT yahoo DOT com )

17 February 2008
Wonderful! I like the lyrical feel of it.

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