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Like Everyone Else


Am I supposed to be normal
Like everyone else?
Just like the book,
You put back on the shelf?

Live my own life
I try to defy
All those that tell me
To work nine to five

Eight hours a day
A mindless drone
Am I just a number?
Or that numberís clone?

So unoriginal,
Always the same,
Am I the only one,
With the guts to complain?
Am I the only,
Or am I insane?

Written by:
6 February 2007

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Posted by:
tiffany mckights
21 March 2010
to "yo dis mike steven" just 2 things to check 1.) respect 2.) your spelling

Posted by:
flip out
21 March 2010
to the person who last commented on how were labeled as weird popular funny i totally agree and big kudos to thoughtmaker for a really awesome poem

Posted by:

9 February 2010
Ugh! I hate when ppl label you as 'NORMAL' or 'POPULAR' or 'WEIRD' itz just ANNOYING!!!! BTW, AWESOMEz poem!

Posted by:
Not the only
18 July 2008
I really like this poem...it's so true, unfortunately...all this pressure to become "a mindless drone" rather than following your dreams.

My favorite lines:
"Am I just a number?
Or that number's clone?"

Nice work thoughtmaker, I love it!

Posted by:
yo dis mike stevens
23 January 2008
yo dis shit is gay as hell

Posted by:
27 December 2007

Posted by:
28 November 2007
This poem is amazing! I enjoyed reading this! Everyone on this website should become poets or something!

Posted by:
25 November 2007
im to lazy to read this poem but school sux and i wish i cud drop out of middle school...hahahaah

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