"To achieve the impossible, one must think the absurd, to look where everyone else has looked, but to see what no-one else has seen."

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Uneducated Nation


You're sitting in your office from 9 to 5
You've never felt so un-alive
Depressed and sad in your car
Happiness have never felt so far

You thought school would make you smart
but all they did was tear you apart
Forced you to follow the stupid rules
made all the kids brainwashed fools

It's an uneducated nation
built on lies and threats
school's not an education
it fills me with regrets

they say success is getting rich
But I want to make a switch
I only wanna follow my dreams
but I'm blocked by teacher-teams

They force me to learn what I don't need
history's not what what I wanna read
"I'm an adult and you're just a kid"
"What you want is all forbid"

It's an uneducated nation
built on lies and threats
school's not an education
it fills me with regrets

Written by:
1 October 2007

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Posted by:

10 September 2010
THOSE ON lsd drunk or doing 69 should not right poetry

Posted by:
(roberterher AT gmail DOT com )

25 December 2009
Hello, I am the creator of this poem.
It is nice to see that people are enjoying these words.
I would like to make a small comment about it: This poem focuses entirely on the negatives of what you may have seen in your life. Therefore I recommend reading it, then casting it aside from your mind afterward, because it's not good to keep those emotions in yourself for long periods of time.
Thank you.
And for those wishing to play music out of this, if you are even checking this page, go ahead. I will not be using it for my own music or anything else, so use it if you would like.
I don't visit this website anymore, but I wish good luck to everyone who visits here who might be struggling. Never allow them to own the freedom or the will of your soul.

Posted by:
(chiggins AT ccchs DOT woll DOT catholic DOT edu DOT au )

24 November 2009
Would you mind if i turned your poem into a song? I can already imagine it!

Posted by:
(hope_dreams_and_chocolate AT hotmail DOT com )

3 April 2009
WOW! Great stuff!!

Posted by:
(kck17288 AT yahoo DOT com )

23 January 2009
Wow. this poem is amazing. I really wanna put it to music.

Posted by:
5 February 2008
i thought your poem was the best.

who cares about the mistakes.

Posted by:

1 February 2008

Posted by:

7 December 2007
Didn't notice the errors, I think "forbidden" is what I was looking for, but that didn't fit so my brain just went for "forbid" ;)

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