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Here you can view all the site updates since 14 March 1999. MOST of the links in this section PROBABLY don't work, so if it mentions something you're interested in, search the site.

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How to make a resume
6 January 2009
Posted by SoulRiser

Happy new year :) Ayliana wrote a guide on how to write a good resume or CV, especially if you have no college experience. Also created a new section for it, about Alternative Jobs & Income Sources... so that means there will be more stuff added in there eventually.

SS Blog
3 September 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

I haven't been posting updates much lately, because School Survival has a new-ish blog. I've been posting everything new on there (including the news). You can use the links on the top right side of each page to subscribe to it, or you can just click here and follow the instructions. :)

Alternatives section expanded - 10 new articles
11 July 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

The alternatives section has been divided into categories: homeschooling & unschooling, online schooling, dropping out/GED, and charter schools. Each of those have 3 new articles in them (except charter schools, which only has one so far). Eventually the alternatives section will (hopefully) contain info about anything anyone would ever want to know about alternatives to school :) ... I'm also working on adding a section for alternative streams of income and interesting jobs, but that's not up yet.

12 Funny Reasons Why School is Good for You
25 May 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

New page in the Comic Relief section: 12 Funny Reasons Why School is Good for You. It's a parody of the various reasons people give as to why school is good for you. If you like it, add it to as many social bookmarking sites as you can (digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon, etc). :)

New stories
5 May 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

2 new stories added: Sarah's Challenge, by wadekarl... and The Lockdown's End by Rebelnerd. Go check them out :)

I made a new site
13 April 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

It's not specifically about school though. It's basically my collection of pages and text files I saved over the years. Gives me a nice excuse to go through them all and sort out what's interesting... and the interesting stuff finds its way onto the site. I haven't added everything yet (still about 10 million folders to go through), but there's quite a bit there already.

3 more languages
31 March 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

The intro is available in 3 more languages: Romanian, Czech and German. Thanks to Escapist for the Romanian, Puchiko for the Czech, and Selene_Ger for the German translations. :) If you can translate into any other languages we don't have yet, head over to this forum thread to see what needs translating.

Truancy and more stuff
10 March 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a whole bunch of things. There's a new fiction book out, called Truancy, which is actually about repressive school officials and a bunch of students fighting back. I added an article by Truancy's author as well. Added some more advice to this page, as well as some information about starting college early on this page. Also added a bunch of links to good sites in the left navbar. I think that's about it for now :)

Ami's Anti-School Zone
1 March 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

Ami's Anti-School Zone is back, after disappearing from the internet for quite a while. It was one of the first original anti-school sites I know of, so go check it out :)

2 more translations
6 February 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

We now have the intro page available in 2 more languages, Swedish and Filipino :) Thanks to Xylophone for the Swedish translation, and to Tosh for the Filipino translation.

Happy New Year
8 January 2008
Posted by SoulRiser

Happy new year! ... long time no news. Not much to say. Most stuff happens on the forums these days. But I did fix a really stupid issue with the site layout in Internet Explorer that has been there for ages. All it needed was one little tag. I can't believe I didn't figure that out sooner. Been working on a couple of new skins for the site, as well as playing with phpBB3 on my computer, integrating the templates and login system with the rest of SS and stuff like that. Might even be ready by the time the forum event is over :)

List of high school dropouts
25 November 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

There used to be this nice long list of semi-famous people who dropped out of school on Wikipedia, but it got deleted. So I salvaged the old version I had saved, and put it up here.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
5 November 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

School Survival was down for a long time over the weekend, I was moving it to a new server and there were a few unexpected... let's call them "complications". But it's all over now, and everything should be back to normal. If you see anything wrong anywhere, please let me know about it. Anyway, the new server has loads more space and bandwidth, so all should be well :)

Radio Interview
27 October 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

youvebeenthunderstruck gets interviewed about School Survival on LipSync's Radio Show! You can listen to it here.

Italian Intro
12 September 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

Petr was kind enough to send me an Italian translation for the intro page :) If you can help out translating into any other languages, please let me know. I also re-opened the ramblings section for anonymous posting. Hopefully it won't get spammed too much though.

Boot Camp info
19 August 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a page with info on how to avoid being sent to a boot camp, and some more links in the Behavior Modification section. Also added some more instructions to the IRC page, on how to register your nick and log in.

Spanish intro
10 August 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

There's now a Spanish version of School Survival's intro page! Thanks to Kelsey for translating it :) If you can help out translating into any other languages, please let me know. In other news, I added a few more funny things to the Comic Relief section - one joke and a bunch of pics of funny exam answers.

New search
24 July 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

I changed the site search to use Google Site Search. It seems to get better results, looks nicer and displays nicer descriptions for every page. Also, if you use the web search function, Google is supposed to automatically pick results more relevant to this site. Not sure how well that will work, but there's only one way to find out :) Let me know if there are any problems.

Added stuff
1 July 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

I added 2 new poems, and some more comments to the feedback page.

Re-organized again
7 June 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

I re-organized the site menu again. This time it's actually a lot shorter, and actually fits on the screen without you needing to scroll down and search for stuff. So now you'll have to visit pages deeper down to find links to everything, but the most common stuff is still linked to...

New section - FAQ/Q&A/Answers
10 April 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a section with a compilation of the more common questions that have been asked on the forums, along with the responses to those questions. The list will grow as more questions get asked (on the forums mostly). Also, a few days ago I updated the School Survival Guide to version 1.3 (added more stuff, and I can't remember what else). I'm half asleep. *yawn*... hope I didn't break anything.... :P

New article & news
1 April 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

Some news: AOL is going to buy out School Survival for $100 000. They'll still keep me as the site admin though, so I'll still be around... In other news, I added a new article. Click the title to read it. By the way, it's the 1st of April. I was kidding about the AOL buyout thing. I'd never let anyone do that (not that anyone would want to buy SS anyway) :) But I'm serious about the new article. It's a good one. Check it out :)

8 Years
14 March 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

School Survival is 8 years old today. 8 years ago, I never thought I'd be typing this, but hey, there you go. Now where's my cake? :)

31 January 2007
Posted by SoulRiser

A long time ago, Doc Johnson interviewed me for an essay he was writing (and possibly for a future book), and I've now put the full text of the interview online. Click the title to read it. Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Bit late I know. Oops :)

Articles re-organized
16 November 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I added another article about the history of compulsory schooling, and then realised that I have so many articles about that, I should probably make a sub-section for it. So there's now a seperate category for schooling history articles :) ... Which means I can add more of them - tracking how the whole idea spread to other countries. So if you have any information about that, please either post it on the forums or contact me :)

Feedback updated
7 November 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I updated the Feedback page... had a backlog of about a year's worth of emails and guestbook entries that I needed to put up there with the rest :)

New lyrics
2 November 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Added 3 new songs to the lyrics section, all by VAST. Go look :)

Stories section
22 October 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a new section for stories written by site members. So far Off The Edge by Rebelnerd is in there, all 3 parts of it. It's really awesome, check it out :)

5 October 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

It's my birthday. w00t :P ... and in other news, I added a new article, probably about a week ago now. But whatever. Click the title of this post to read it. And the forums have over 21000 posts and 500 members. Scary... but cool :)

More stuff
21 September 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Added 2 new things to the Comic Relief section, and a good tip to the Mission page that Kirby posted in the forums :)

MUCH stricter spam checking
3 September 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I tightened all the comment checking stuff, so now if you're not logged in, you cannot post links at all, many spam words and even common word combinations relating to buying stuff will result in an error if you try to post. So basically, you can only post links if you're logged in. Not that anyone really does that anyway (except spammers). So, hopefully we'll get less spam now? Maybe even none? Or am I too optimistic? :P

News problem fixed
22 July 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Uhm, I broke the commenting ability... So the people who tried to post comments on news articles didn't get their comments posted. But it's fixed now... sorry bout that... was kinda stupid :P

Bullying advice completed
14 July 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I've finally decided to stop collecting advice on how to deal with bullies. I got very few suggestions, but I have now put what I did get on a page. There's still a contact form there so you can send more tips if you think of any. And on that note, I move on to the next topic: Depression and suicide. Touchy subjects indeed. The question and the contact form can be found on the index page. In other news, I also added 2 more things to the Comic Relief section :)

Anti-School Directory back
26 June 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

The directory was offline for the past couple of days - I was re-organizing the categories and added a few more. They make more sense now. Go take a look :) There are also some new sites in there.

Not school
19 June 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Found a cool blog by a parent of 2 kids, about her experiences in unschooling them. Also contains a lot of interesting articles, news, and other random tidbits about why she decided to unschool her kids in the first place (because the school system is designed to hold kids back, not really educate them).

Defend your sites
3 June 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

If you have a blog or site that you post about your school on, this site will tell you how you can defend it from nosy school administrators that would love to punish you for posting your opinions online.

In other news, I re-organized the contents bar (again). I tried to organize it in a similar way to how I organized the contents in the Guide.

Slight Redesign & Support Page Updated
20 May 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I did a tiny redesign again, just edited the logo a bit and made the graphics stand out a bit more. It's been more than 2 years since I changed any graphics, so I guess it was about time :P Also changed the support page a little bit, added some new ideas and organized it better. Also, updated the School Survival Guide with the new support page, and added the 'what anti-school means' page to it.

Forums back up!
8 May 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

And about time too!!! Geez, I still can't believe how long it took to get it fixed, nor can I believe how stupid I was to screw it up in the first place. But anyway, stupidity aside, THAT is one thing that will not happen again :P

School Survival Guide
5 May 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Good news and bad news. The good news is I came up with something new: the School Survival Guide. It's basically a collection of the most useful articles & guides on this site, all in one long text file. Why do that? Easy to copy, easy to transport, easy to print. All good :) As for the bad news, the forums are down again. This time it's really my fault :P But we're workin on getting them back up. More bad news though - when they do come back, it'll be restored from the 11 April backup, so a lot of posts will be lost :(

New articles section
3 March 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

I added a new subsection of articles about youth rights and related stuff, moved a few articles out of the school category and into the new one, and added a few new ones I found at oblivion.net.

Fixed weirdness
8 February 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Fixed the silly titles issue and the other weird errors of news and ramblings not displaying. Other issues should also be fixed now. All because of one simple little PHP setting that got changed... mwahahahaha! If you want the complete story of what horrible luck I had today, check my blog. In other news, I shortened the contents menu on the left so it's easier to navigate for new visitors. Also added an RSS feed you can subscribe to (actually it's just the mailing list's messages in RSS format, but still). So if you're using Firefox you'll see the little orange icon next to the URL at the top, and you can add a Live Bookmark.

New article
8 February 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Wrote a new article, "How to Survive School", which is basically a collection of everything I've ever written, just condensed into nice sentences that all fit on one page, along with a few tips and things. You're still welcome to suggest any changes to it if you want to ;)

Also, the server was down for quite a long time today, apparently the hard drive failed and they had to restore everything to a new disk. Everything seems OK, except some new stuff might not be listed in the right order on the main page though... and I'm not entirely sure why the page titles aren't showing properly... I'll give that some time before I try and figure out what's going on :P

Smilies and Behavior Modification
3 February 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Weird combination, huh? Added a ton of new smilies to the forum, and added a section for Behavior Modification related sites in the Directory. So if you know of any sites for or against that sort of thing, go and suggest it now!

Happy Friday the 13th
13 January 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

The move to the new server took a bit longer than I expected, but at least the site was still in working condition most of the time :) All the important stuff seems to be working now, let me know if you find something broken anywhere...

New chat
4 January 2006
Posted by SoulRiser

Happy (slighty late) new year! I put up a different webchat thingie, this one is slightly easier to get into, and fits with the colour scheme of the site. Hopefully now more people will join in there... *hint, hint* :P

T-shirts and stuff
27 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

I uploaded the same t-shirt designs and stuff that's available in the store, so if you have a good printer, you can 'roll your own' ;)

Directory Searchable
26 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

I finally added a search function to the ASD. It was a pain in the ass. Took about 10min to get it working nicely, but then I had to start from scratch and redo a whole lot of stuff because I noticed it wasn't searching ALL the sections... *sigh*. Adding new features will be easier now though :D

All news commentable
15 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Comments can now be added to ALL news items :D Added a few new books in 2 new sections for non-school-related stuff (fiction and non-fiction). Still got a long list of books to wade through, so might be a while before they're all up :D

Books and blogs
11 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

2 new sections, books and blogs :) Books section has unschooling books and youth rights type books, and blogs is basically me showing off how cool RSS is :P Got 3 people's blogs displayed in there so far: mine, Doc Johnson's and lifeischeese's. Blogs are here: http://www.school-survival.net...

11 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Installed an RSS reader on this site. You probably won't even notice, because everything gets integrated into this site :D The cool things I can do with RSS are many, so far I've included my blog on a page here, and I have the latest mailing list posts displayed on the Mailing List page. I can grab news headlines from a ton of sites this way, as well as just about anyone's blog. At some point I'll make School Survival generate it's own RSS feed, so that anyone can "subscribe" to it for updates and new articles and things ;)

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