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Has school destroyed your creativity and self-confidence? I'm working on a book called Recovering From School, to help you heal the damage caused. Join the Patreon or Newsletter to be notified about updates. Paid Patreon members will get early draft previews, as well as a free digital copy when it's done.


This site is pretty old. I started it in 1999, when I was 16. I've accumulated a TON of info over the years. I wanted to simplify the menus and such because they were pretty overwhelming, full of old content, some of which isn't really useful or relevant anymore. So this is where I'm dumping all the links to stuff that was present in the sidebars of the old theme. You can of course also switch to one of the old themes to get the links back in the sidebars. I like to keep support for the old themes as much as modern browsers will let me. But the new theme is actually mobile-friendly and supports dark mode switching based on what your OS and browser tells it to do.

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Laboro ad Nauseum - Working till you're sick

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Help with depression, parents and getting out of school.

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How you can survive school and make a difference at the same time.

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Some fun stuff to help ease the pain.

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By the way, "anti-school" doesn't mean "anti-education".

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