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You're not worthless

Just because you don't do well in school doesn't mean you're a failure, it just means you're good at other things.
by SoulRiser

"Schools have rules that you have to obey. If you disobey, you will be punished. Respect people higher than you. Don't backchat. Shut up while a teacher is talking. Stop wasting the teacher's time and do your work."

Doesn't it make you sick? Don't you just hate it when a teacher makes an example out of a student that got an A for something and asks you why you can't achieve the same? Or when a teacher is in a bad mood and snaps at you, then when you defend yourself you get in trouble for "backchatting"? Or when a teacher is talking about something that has nothing to do with you, and you're trying to tell something important to a friend, then you are told to shut up and respect the teacher?

You are led to believe that you are a little piece of nothing, and might as well let people tell you what to do because you're not capable of making your own decisions. A lot of schools make a list of all the "top-achievers" to brag with, but a lot of the time the students who don't get high marks see it and feel ashamed. If you're one of those "under-achievers", don't be ashamed, be proud. Why? Because there are plenty of things you can do much better than those so-called "top-achievers". Everyone's good at something and bad at something else. Find what you're good at, concentrate on it, and laugh at anyone who tries to tell you you're stupid.

Who are the most important people in schools? Not the principal, not the teachers... the students are. Not their parents, them. They are the ones who have to go there every day. They don't get paid to go there - they are forced to go. In most schools, the remaining students who haven't run away or committed suicide deserve a medal for ENDURANCE! So, considering the fact that us students are the most important (parents being the second most important, they have to pay for our mistreatment), shouldn't we be treated a little more like humans with our own unique personalities, our own goals and dreams, our own ideas and opinions, instead of being looked down upon as if we're nothing more than disobedient, ungrateful brats? I think we should be.

Update: 15 May 2009

I was absolutely right about this 10 years ago. Guess what I've used my marks in school for? When I applied for college they looked at it for about, oh I dunno, maybe a minute or two. That's it. That is the ONLY use they have ever had in my life up to this point, and I don't foresee them having any more use in the future ever again. Nobody honestly gives a damn what marks I got in school anymore, nobody asks, nobody judges me based on that, it's just totally irrelevant to absolutely everything.

But you know what's sad? Every now and then I come across people who still judge themselves based on how they did at school, even if it was more than 10 years ago. They still think of themselves as "stupid" if they got low marks for whatever. Don't let that be you.

Update: 6 Dec 2011

There's now a German Translation of this article. :)

Written by: SoulRiser
28 March 1999

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