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Laurie A. Couture

Laurie A. Couture is a Developmental Trauma and Attachment Specialist

Laurie discovered early in her professional career that our society's institutions are out of alignment with nature's intent for children's developmental and attachment needs. What concerned her most was that the institutions in which she worked--behavioral healthcare, education, social services, and juvenile justice--generally reacted to children's alarm signals with labels and behavioral/biochemical interventions that caused more developmental distress. She observed that boys especially suffered and withered in these institutions, as their needs and natural alarm signals were met with denial, hostility, or punishment.

Early on, Laurie's independent research took her far beyond her training in psychology and behavioral science into the worlds of:

* The neuroscience and epigenetics of childhood trauma
* Attachment's role in child development
* Parenting and education in Paleolithic tribal cultures
* Natural sciences and nature's cycles of homeostasis
* Male victims of sexual and domestic violence

She is a passionate advocate for unschooling, children's rights, and the transformative power of respectful parenting.

With a deep understanding of the needs and potential of children, Couture has dedicated her life to empowering families and challenging societal norms that restrict the freedom and well-being of young individuals.

Couture's journey as an advocate and writer was shaped by her own experiences as a mother and her observations of the detrimental effects of traditional schooling on children's mental health and personal growth. Fueled by a desire to protect her own children from the limitations and conformity enforced by conventional education, she embarked on a quest to discover alternative paths that would honor their individuality and foster their natural love of learning.

Motivated by her deep empathy for the struggles faced by children within the traditional educational system, Couture explored various educational philosophies, including homeschooling and unschooling. Inspired by the works of renowned thinkers like John Holt, A. S. Neill, and John Taylor Gatto, she recognized the value of self-directed learning, where children have the autonomy to explore their passions and interests, free from the constraints of rigid curriculum and standardized testing.

Drawing upon her personal experiences and extensive research, Couture became a passionate advocate for unschooling and children's rights. Through her writings and speaking engagements, including contributions to her blog, she has shared her insights, practical advice, and powerful narratives to inspire parents, educators, and society at large to question the prevailing educational paradigm.

Couture's motivation stems from a deep conviction that children deserve to be respected as individuals with their own unique strengths and needs. She passionately argues for a shift away from coercive disciplinary methods towards a parenting and educational approach rooted in trust, empathy, and collaboration. By advocating for children's rights and their autonomy to make choices about their education and lives, she aims to create a world where young individuals can thrive and flourish.

Through her work, Couture has become a powerful voice for unschooling, empowering parents to trust in their children's innate abilities and to nurture their natural curiosity and love of learning. She provides a compassionate and insightful perspective on how parents and communities can create nurturing environments that support children's holistic development and encourage their authentic self-expression.

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