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Why you shouldn't drop out of school

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I really don't understand what this website is trying to do. I'm just telling all of you, if you do go ahead and drop out, you'll end up working at McDonalds all your life. It's total 100 percent fact. No one who hasn't gone to school has ever ended up at a good college with a decent paying job. NO ONE! Don't believe me? One of my good friends, Bill, from my old high school dropped out of school when we were in 10th grade. He used the term "rising out" instead of "dropping out" and said he was going to "unschool." I tried to persuade him not too, and I told him that if he does, he'll end up working at a fast food chain all his life, but he still insisted.

Know what he's doing now? He's actually doing something he really wants to do and he enjoys it. And guess what that is? He's painting pictures everyday! Yes, they're beautiful, but no, he isn't making 100's of 1000's of dollars off of them! And everyone know's that the only way to enjoy your life is to be in the highest of the high class.

I, on the other hand, went to college and chose something that I didn't want to do, but makes me millions of dollars. I am a psychiatrist. Yes, it's something I never wanted to do, and yes, I don't enjoy it one bit. But, it makes me soooo much money and we all know, and I hope you children know, that money is the only point in life.

You need money to do anything... ANYTHING you want to do in life.

Secondly, what are you going to do outside of school? 99.999 percent of dropouts end up joining violent gangs! Or end up commiting suicide! What, you're going to roam the streets? Is that what you plan to do? Well, being in the streets is where the dropout gangsters roam. You better be careful.

Wouldn't you rather be in school, a structured environment where you are safe from the terrible threats of the outside world? You NEED school to teach you how to be a civilized citizen. All the rebellious teenagers start questioning things like, "Why do I need to go to class?" and "Why should I be forced to learn things I don't want to?" Well, you know what, you better not ask those questions in school because you'll be sent to the office. The whole system is meant to keep you in line so you'll become a responsible adult to work in the outside world. As I said before, the whole point of life is to eventually make money.

First you go to school, then you go to college, then you get a job, then you get your MONEY! It all leads up to that. And even after, you get your retirement funds! The only, ONLY point in life is money. That's it. The only reason we learn things is so we can do well for our jobs. So, stop questioning and get your fucking ass into school, young man!

So... don't drop out! Always keep in mind:

Would you like to work at Burger King or McDonalds all your life being payed minimum wage, or would you like to get a job that you severely hate so much, but be paid a fortune!?

Here's some words of encouragement: If you decide to go the right way, by way of college and high school, you'll be wasting your whole life... BUT YOU'LL GET A LOT OF MONEY. So start training your mind to know that the only thing in life that matters is MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. And that's all, folks!

I hope this convinced you to not drop out or "rise out." You'll be getting more MONEY!

If you do not already know, which you should by now, this article is a parody of the stupid things that people tell us when we tell them we are thinking of dropping out. So, in no way, shape, or form is this article my opinion at all. I am a dropout myself. It's just a joke! Hope you liked it! Please comment! ;-)

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