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Good High School Pranks To Play On Teachers

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)
School makes learning boring, but there are alternatives to school that make learning interesting. You can also finish high school online at your own pace without having to wait for anyone.

These are harmless high school pranks that you can play on teachers to waste some time in class, get out early, cause some confusion among teachers, or just help you stay awake in class. There will be no prank listed here that involves making a huge mess or breaking stuff - because who has to clean that up? The janitor/cleaner, and what did they ever do to you? Have some morals people - give the poor cleaners a break :P

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Ideas for Senior Pranks

Ideas for high school pranks to play on teachers:

Gay marriage
Submitted by j3
If you have a teacher whom you know to have a problem with gay people, raise your hand and ask 'what is wrong with gay marriages', causing a class discussion.
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The mystery
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Leave notes and hints that 'Tuesday's the day'. (Or anything else that sounds mysterious enough)
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Forward in time
Submitted by old hand
If you can get to class before the teacher, grab the clock in the room and set the hand forward 10 minutes. You should have someone stand outside the door and make a lot of noise if they see the teacher coming.
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Lost bag
Submitted by libby
Pretend you lost your school bag/backpack or say someone stole it. Say you can't do anything without it, get the teacher to let you look for it. Then stay away as long as you like.
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What's the point?
Submitted by SoulRiser
If you hate a subject, moan a lot and ask questions like "what is the point to this?" or "I'm never gonna use this in life". Depending on the teacher, you could start a long discussion from that, and let the others do the talking while you can peacefully daydream...
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Free choice reports
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Use your 'free choice' book reports, term papers, etc. to read revolutionary literature and further the political education of you and your class.
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Submitted by SoulRiser
Collect school notices (stuff that gets sent to teachers with info on meetings, etc). Make your own ones that look similar, and distribute it to teachers. Like tell certain teachers you hate that times have changed and that they don't have a class (when they do). They either won't show up, or will get confused and go ask, which will make the principal confused, which will make everyone confused.... There, you've successfully confused everyone. Feel proud :) You can take this further and make notices saying there's no school on a specific day for whatever reason.
StarStarStarStar - 576 Visitors: 3.73, 12 Members: 4
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Recycled essays
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Save your book reports and essays. Give them to other students to use next year or re-use them yourself with different teachers.
StarStarStarStar - 412 Visitors: 3.11, 8 Members: 4.13
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Phone the teacher
Submitted by Shaft
If you can get access to a phone at school (or nearby), before class, phone school and ask to speak to the teacher you have next. Say it's urgent. If you're a good talker you can keep him/her busy for a long time.
StarStarStarStar - 399 Visitors: 3.53, 7 Members: 4
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Newspaper stands
Submitted by SoulRiser
If you have a newspaper stand in your school: When nobody's looking, insert lots of underground papers or stuff printed from this site.
StarStarStarStar - 374 Visitors: 3.14, 11 Members: 4.09
1 2 3 4 5

Consumer report
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Write a 'consumer report' on the 'education' you've been consuming. Distribute it to parents at school functions.
StarStarStarStar - 68 Visitors: 3.47, 3 Members: 4
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Teacher evaluation
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
If your school won't have a teacher evaluation make up some forms and do it yourself. Compile the result and publicize them to students, faculty, school board, and community.
StarStarStarStar - 413 Visitors: 3.09, 15 Members: 4.07
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The rumour mill
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Periodically have students go to the office to have some rumor confirmed or denied.
StarStarStarStar - 100 Visitors: 3.15, 2 Members: 4
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Dress code protest
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
If your school still has a dress code protest it having everyone do something disruptive that does not violate the code. For example, dye your hair green with food coloring.
StarStarStarStar - 136 Visitors: 3.85, 5 Members: 3.8
1 2 3 4 5

Fake love letters
Submitted by anonomous
Pick two teachers that you think would be most suitable for this prank, say, teacher 1 and teacher 2. Pick one teacher that you'd like to prank, say t1, and try to learn the handwriting style of t2. Write a love letter from t2 and put it in an envelope saying 'to t1' and put it somewhere where t1 will find it without knowing where it came from.
StarStarStarStar - 519 Visitors: 3.58, 11 Members: 3.82
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Information service
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Start an information service to get new students opinions and warnings about the teachers and administrators before enrollment day.
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Your pants are wet
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
If you've got the nerve piss in your pants while giving an oral report.
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Questions, questions...
Submitted by SoulRiser
While the teacher's talking, ask a question on something he/she was talking about 5 minutes ago. He can't get angry, because you're participating in class, except you will set him back. The rest of the class will be free while he re-explains the stuff.... If you work together, you could have people take turns doing this sort of thing, eventually the whole period will be gone. This works best with teachers that have a habit of straying off the point ;-)
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Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook
Have giant coughing or sneezing epidemics in class or study hall.
StarStarStar - 137 Visitors: 4.32, 1 Members: 3
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Computer problems II
Submitted by NoThaut
In computer class, unplug your mouse and keyboard from the computer and say the computer froze. It'll baffle your teacher.
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Lost contact lens
Submitted by the monkey
When there is a sub and as usual dont want to do jacksquat, have someone raise your (or a friend's) hand and say you or your friend lost a contact lens. The sub SHOULD agree and have the class help you find it. All you got to do is pretend to look. Before you know it class is over.
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Crying in class
Submitted by libby
Completely skip a project then get hysterical and cry about it. The teacher will have to deal with your emotional problems before they can do anything else. Or you could say you just broke up with a girl/boyfriend and cry about that.
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Copying notes
Submitted by Pedro
If you have to copy notes from the overhead or the board, pretend it is taking you a long time. when the teacher asks if everyones finished copying them, say no. then, if they erase the notes or take the notes off the overhead, complain that you didn't finish copying them. usually the teacher will let you borrow their personal copy of the notes. if you 'forget to return them' it will mess up their classes for the rest of the day, which is nice if you have a friend in the same class before or after you.
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Subject canceled
Submitted by Anonymous
Write on the board something like "[subject] canceled", replacing [subject] with a subject that you have later on. If the kids think the teacher wrote it they won't show up for class and you might get the period off. Its best to do it with a class at the end of the day.
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Big words
Submitted by Andy
Whenever a teacher says a big word, ALWAYS ask what it means. Go further and ask where the word originated from, stray off the topic, etc.
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The Wailing Hall
Submitted by The School Stoppers Textbook, added to by SoulRiser
Start wailing in the halls - get lots of other people to do it too at the same time for the best effect. (If this doesn't make sense to you, search for info on "The Wailing Wall" in Israel).
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Look stuff up
Submitted by Jen
Ask a question that the teacher won't know the answer to, then when they don't answer, insist that you want to know, and maybe they'll look it up or something.
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Computer problems
Submitted by Sarah
If you're working on a computer, make it crash or reset it and complain there's something wrong with it. Then the teacher could take a while to fix it, maybe they call a technician.
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There used to be other pranks like glueing the teacher's coffee cup to the desk, or putting slimy stuff on doorknobs on this page as well, but I removed those. Things like that may waste a bit of time (like, 5 seconds), but are likely to piss the teacher off, who will then be less likely to tolerate less irritating things afterward, like the stuff on this page. Don't bother to try and submit pranks like that, because I won't add them... seriously, 99% of the pranks on teachers that get submitted are something like "glue this shut" or "put poop on the doorknob", or even potentially lethal things.

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