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Here you can view all the site updates since 14 March 1999. MOST of the links in this section PROBABLY don't work, so if it mentions something you're interested in, search the site.

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Revolt Against Terrible Schools
16 July 2002
Posted by SoulRiser

RATS is finally back! Well, it never was 'gone' except for the forums not working. Well, it works now. For those of you who don't know what RATS is, check the link and see for yourself :)

18 June 2002
Posted by title: Search feature

posted_by: SoulRiser

It's back
20 April 2002
Posted by SoulRiser

School Survival is pretty much back in business now :) If you want to contribute anything, like news, articles, opinions, essays, or anything that'll fit here, please do. Since all links to this site no longer work, I'd very much appreciate if you'd link to School Survival from your site (if you have one). Use this URL no matter what: www.schoolsurvival.rise.za.net

2 March 2002
Posted by SoulRiser

Well, I said the site was gonna go down Feb 28, but I thought I'd have a chance to move it before then. Being in college over here with extremely limited internet access kinda screwed that idea up :( I still meant to backup visitor comments and stuff like that, but never got a chance, so all I have is the OLD backup. Anyway, School Survival is back and here to stay, until the day I die :)

Hell hell
28 December 2001
Posted by SoulRiser

Some time ago f2s.com sent me an email telling me they're shutting down their free hosting services at the end of february, so I've gotta find another host for this site and the sooner the better. Prohosting would be fine, but they put ugly ads on each page and they didn't reply to my signup request. It's SO friggin hard finding a free host that supports PHP and also actually WORKS. :( Someday when I have a job I'll get a domain or something, but until then... *wipes sweat from forehead*...

Tales of protest
27 November 2001
Posted by SoulRiser

I was browsing the 'net earlier, and found that someone had ripped off the Wasting Time section of this site, and copied it directly to his site. All the guy did was remove all the credits, as if he'd come up with it all himself. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, as the saying goes :) Anyway, I added some fun stuff to the Comic Relief section, and Tales of protest - which is exactly what the name says :)

24 October 2001
Posted by SoulRiser

I finally reinstalled Windows on the unstable computer in the house, which is also the one with the internet connection. After reinstalling the modem, everything is MUCH faster!! So, what does that mean for School Survival? It means I can upload more stuff more quickly. Expect more essays and summaries... and help me out by sending me yours :) Oh and I also added some more stuff to the Crib Notes page.

Um yeah
21 October 2001
Posted by SoulRiser

I'm posting this update to show that my script works :) Yeah, I know I haven't added much meaningful in a long time (except for RATS, but that's different). SEND ME ALL YOUR OLD ESSAYS AND BOOK SUMMARIES!! Well, if you're considerate and want to share them with others, that is :) Send it here.

15 September 01
15 September 2001
Posted by

I wrote my own script to run the Opinionz section, which works better than the old one. So, now I have to convert all the old opinions to the new format :( So you can still post there and stuff, it'll just take a while before I get the old stuff up there with it.

19 August 01
19 August 2001
Posted by

OK, I finally did something. I finished the news script, and it works fine, so now there's a News Section :) Soon there'll be a way for people to submit news as well, but at the moment only I can do that. Also, you'll notice the link to Revolt Against Terrible Schools (RATS) on the top of every page. The name basically says it all... so if you're sick of all the shit going on in public schools all over the world, join and do something about it. And finally, I added an essays section!

17 July 01
17 July 2001
Posted by

Been a while since I updated huh. Well, I'm still alive and kickin', just been kinda busy with other stuff. I'm busy collecting and sorting out essays and projects to add, and I'm working on coding a news script to run a news section for the site (been planning on doing that for a LOOONG time now)... The future holds good stuff, so watch this space :)

31 May 01
31 May 2001
Posted by

As it turns out, all the links to the Cliff's Notes are broken, so for now there are no notes here. I'm working on getting some more up and running. Also, I would like to make a BIG REQUEST to everyone: Send me all your good essays/reports/projects you've ever done (or those that you already copied from somewhere, as long as it won't piss anybody off), because I'm gonna put up an essays and reports section so people can download stuff to use. Also, send me any book summaries you have, since everything I had is now gone :( Send all your shit to this address. Thank you :)

25 April 01
25 April 2001
Posted by

It's been months since my last day of school, but I decided to publish it up here. If you want to go and read about how drunk we were on our last day, go to the Daily Moan, and check 20 October 2000 ;-) Oh I also added a 'Zine making guide today.

8 April 01
8 April 2001
Posted by

Added a new opinion, about Christianity. Meistero sent me another article too, about society. Added another 2 articles to the various articlez section.

30 March 01
30 March 2001
Posted by

I updated the opinion on copy protection, because I realised I left a part out :) A furious opinion by someone called eCHELOn made me notice. Thanks asshole, and lay off the insults next time, OK? I didn't mean all things should be free, just that people should be allowed to share if they want to, but I obviously didn't make that clear, because that's not what I was ranting about in the first place. So eCHELOn, thanks for making me add that, but I still think you're a closed-minded shithead. But, even so, I'll still print your opinion up there, because I'm anti-censorship.

14 March 01
14 March 2001
Posted by

2 years ago on this day I started School Survival. No birthday presents or anything, but it still hasn't learnt to walk yet...

10 March 01
10 March 2001
Posted by

OK, there's a lot of new stuff here at School Survival now. First of all, there's a Marijuana information section, called the Marijuana InfoJoint. There's a new message board, actually, they're called forums. There's a Protest Guide, if you need to protest at school. There's a new survey/poll thing, which you'll find if you look to the top of this page. The news section isn't here yet. I can't find a script that can do exactly what I want, so I'm gonna have to write my own. Which means that until I learn enough PHP, there won't be a news section :)

22 February 01
22 February 2001
Posted by

I've spent the past month redesigning the site. A whole month yes. It's time to stop and upload the changes already dammit! ;-) OK, so I didn't quite finish everything I planned to do, the News section still isn't finished and I'm making plans to change the layout AGAIN (why are arty people never satisfied eh?). So head over to the feedback page and tell me what you think of it so far.

24 January 01
24 January 2001
Posted by

I added a Protest Guide. Useful for if you want to protest a certain rule or something at school and you're not sure what to do.

16 January 01
16 January 2001
Posted by

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that the survey doesn't work again, so I removed it. I'm gonna find a better script for it. The good news is I finally updated the how to waste time page. People have been sending in lots of useful ideas, check it out.

25 December 00
25 December 2000
Posted by

Merry Christmas everybody! :) Meistero sent me some articles he wrote, so I put them up on the site. You can get to it here. So, if you have articles and you want people to see them, send them to me, if they're good I'll add a section for you.

15 December 00
15 December 2000
Posted by

OK, the survey works again, and the error is gone. I added an opinion on maturity, and another one on copy protection.

10 December 00
10 December 2000
Posted by

Strange. Very strange. Every time this page loads it shows a "runtime error". But there's nothing wrong!! And the survey doesn't work. Worked fine just after I uploaded it, now it doesn't anymore. Like I said, STRANGE. And very annoying...

27 November 00 update
27 November 2000
Posted by

OK, sorry everyone, the visitor's Opinionz have all been deleted. I didn't do it, but it was a "fatal server error" that happened while the dudes at F2S were upgrading. So they're all empty again. Oh well... :(

27 November 00
27 November 2000
Posted by

I wrote my last exam today. NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!! I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny thing is today the Big Cheeze and another teacher were commenting things like "You'll miss us next year" and "You'll want to come back to this stress-free lifestyle" STRESS-FREE?! Ha. Bullshit. I snorted when Cheeze said that, and I know she heard me (and I'm glad she did). Will they miss me, I wonder? Do I give a damn if they do? Nope :)

15 November 00
15 November 2000
Posted by

School Survival has moved to www.schoolsurvival.f2s.com . I prefer it this way cause now the whole site's in one place, instead of just the CGI part being at F2S. F2S has 20 megabytes instead of 10, and no ads whatsoever. Whatever bookmark you might have of this site will still work too, cause I'll make it redirect. As for other stuff, I added an opinion section on exams. Oh by the way, if you ever need to replace some text in a lot of files at once (like I did just now for moving the site), use EditPad.

19 October 00
19 October 2000
Posted by

Today was basically my last normal school day ever. Tomorrow's Open Day. Yesterday my whole class did some fun bunking... more about that on the daily moan page :) Also, I've added a poem I wrote about my school, which I'm also planning to print a bunch of copies of and stick on the walls for visitors on Open Day to read. Not that most of them will be able to figure out what it's about... oh well :)

16 October 00
16 October 2000
Posted by

If you don't know who Mumia Abu-Jamal is, go here. He's on death row and has been put there unfairly because of a racist judge, and because he reported police brutality over the radio.

8 October 00
8 October 2000
Posted by

Added my opinion on marijuana, and also a marijuana FAQ with corrections of a number of common mistakes people make about weed.

26 September 00
26 September 2000
Posted by

Added a new section called Current Matters. It's for anything that's happening at the moment, like changes in schools and other things that everyone should know about. Also important stuff that gets posted in the discussion list will get added there.

25 September 00
25 September 2000
Posted by

It's holidays again finally. I have another daily moan that happened during the last few days of the term. Anyway, I'm pretty damn glad that it's just another few weeks of normal school, then a looooong exam, and then I never have to set foot in that place again.

11 August 00
11 August 2000
Posted by

Added a lot of stuff in the changing my school section, like what happened with the petition and all the time I spent in the principal's office because of it. It's actually old news (30 May), but until now I was still waiting to come to a conclusion. And I made one alright. That's written under 8 August on that page.

10 August 00
10 August 2000
Posted by

Pretty soon I'll be posting the name of my school up here so that everyone can know which school it is that's so horrible. Just lemme finish off this year. I just recently discovered what a 2-faced hypocrite our principal really is. She's even worse than I thought.

13 July 00
13 July 2000
Posted by

OK, changed a bit of layout again. Not that anyone cares :) But, something interesting: I'm busy making a section for easily making projects (you know, those homework things that take so long). I'll hopefully have links to all the quick info you could possibly need, and even a way to make a bibliography without going near a real book.

30 June 00
30 June 2000
Posted by

Took longer than I thought... but it's basically done now. So, if you find that ANYTHING doesn't work like it's supposed to, please email me so that I can fix it :)

08 June 00
8 June 2000
Posted by

Started redesigning the site.... (again). Well... at least this time it's only a partial redesign, most of the site will work the same way, just a few layout changes will be made. And the comments/opinions will be AUTOMATED now, so no more me having to copy and paste emails :)

27 May 00
27 May 2000
Posted by

The page counter has been having problems lately... So it might or might not be fixed now, I dunno... maybe i should get a new one :(

22 May 00
22 May 2000
Posted by

There's another daily moan, but this one might maybe possibly perhaps have a happy ending... (?)...

28 April 00
28 April 2000
Posted by

A long time ago I had an email-based conversation/argument with a teacher on a newsgroup, and I recently discovered it again and decided it could be pretty interesting for the site. Read it here.

17 April 00
17 April 2000
Posted by

Respect is earned, not demanded. Yeah, it's another daily moan.

12 April 00
12 April 2000
Posted by

Been back at school for a few days now... some... interesting things have happened, I'm gonna see what comes of it before I write anything about it. I also added a section where u can post what really stupid rules your school has here. And also something about time-management and stress.

31 March 00
31 March 2000
Posted by

I've been on holiday for a week now... I don't wanna go baaaack... waaaah... oh well that's life :) Another thing, if you've got an idea for something new I can add to the site email me. Please. Go on, don't be shy... :)

20 March 00
20 March 2000
Posted by

There's another moan on the daily moan page. OK, so it's a little more than the average moan. In fact it's the sort of thing that happens with many people. It's got to do with that horrible word Prejudice. Go read it.

17 March 00
17 March 2000
Posted by

School Survival won an award :) So I made a awards page. And you probably noticed the new survey question. That's because I'm running out of school-specific questions to ask, so now I'm adding a few other relevant things :)

14 March 00
14 March 2000
Posted by

On this day, exactly one year ago, this site was born. So basically what that means is that it's School Survival's first birthday! Woohoo! It should be starting to say 'mama' by now.... hmmm...

13 March 00
13 March 2000
Posted by

Some "big" things have been happening at my school lately. I would gladly write all about it, but we're supposed to keep quiet about it. And I don't actually want the whole world to know either, so go to this page to read it, without the gory details :)

14 February 00
14 February 2000
Posted by

I haven't written something here for a long time... but now I have :) I added an article type of thing about uniforms.

21 January 00
21 January 2000
Posted by

You might as well check the daily moan every day now cause I really think there'll be something to moan about every day. I thought LAST year was bad.... the teachers are in permanent bad moods, they treat us like shit, and they don't give a fuck what we think at all anymore.

18 January 00
18 January 2000
Posted by

Shit, it's only the FIRST day of school, and I've already gotten pissed off at a piece of unfairness... check the daily moan to read about it.

15 January 00
15 January 2000
Posted by

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